Caught at the bar

True story.... when I was 23 I was dating a woman who really liked to have sex. I thought she was great because all we did was fuck. Anyplace, anytime, any position, she was ready. Buddy of mine and his girlfriend came over one weekend for a cookout. The two girls went to the grocery store to get food while we were supposed to make a fire in the backyard. Two hours later we decided to go look for them. I figured there was no way they were at the bar so we started checking the bars. Sure enough we spotted my girlfriends car at a small hole in the wall bar. We walked in and caught his girlfriend shooting pool with some guy and my girlfriend at the bar between some other guys legs. We were pissed and demanded they leave with us immediately. They tried to make excuses about trying to score free weed, but I wasn't buying it. I drove my girlfriends car while my buddy drove their car. We went back to my house and probably 20 minutes later they bath took off again. I was done with them and said good riddance to them both. My buddy went home and the next day my girlfriends sister came over to ask if I knew where her sister was. The fuck if I knew. That's when she told me my girlfriend had called and said she was out of state and wasn't ever coming back. I don't give a fuck.

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  • Good move bro. Cut your loses and move on because you have lost her. Hope you find a more deserving woman. All the best from here on out for you!

  • Your girlfriend is a slut. Cunt needs a big dick up her ass.

  • My bff texted me to pick her up from a bar, so my bf and I head out to get her. Then I get a weird text from her like got ride you no come is ok. So that’s a no, we’re definitely checking it out. We get there and find her getting spit roasted by some guys in the parking lot. Maybe we’re awful, but we just watched until they just left her there, and we got her.

  • I've had a couple of girlfriends like that. You are way better without her. Once a girl goes full slut, she can never be trusted. She will alwaybe be a slut.

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