Humped my Mom

When I was younger, I honestly cannot remember the exact age, I used to hump my moms legs at night. We slept together (not odd in my fam) until I was almost in highschool so I was sleeping with her all the time when I was a kid. My dad would go outta town a ton and would be gone for up to a week at a time. That’s when we did it because i guess she knew it wouldn’t be an issue. When I think about it today it makes me horny as fuck. I’ve been thinking about her a lot recently and often reminisce on this memory. I could probably fall into some type of sexual abuse category but I didn’t perceive it that way, and still don’t now. I was a horny kid and would get boners and didn’t know what to do so I would hump shit. Don’t recall how I ended up on my moms legs but I know for a fact that we did it often and she didn’t care at all. She would also always be half naked around me when I was younger. We’re both older now and have legitimately never talked about it ever. I want her to suck on my cock so badly and I feel like I could potentially make it happen, given the past. Anyway yeah that’s it. Let me know what y’all think about the situation.

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  • I wish i could start everything by dry humping my sexy big ass mom while she wore sexy panties

  • I never came so hard as I did last night with my mom. We started making out and I was kneading her tits. We were so horny we didn't need any oral, we went straight to fucking. I tried to start out slow but as soon as my mom said "harder" I started hammering her pussy. I got lucky and my mom came as fast as I did.

  • Bull Shit sick incest fantasy

  • Spoken by a true butt fucker

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  • Butt fuckers are better then incest lovers. But you incest fucks like to put in mommies or daddies butt too.

  • I like my mum's butt

  • You never had it lady balls. You just dreamed it lady balls.

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  • Nope not in to butt sex

  • That's not what I've heard. You have an obsession with shemales

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  • I'm not in to men. There are no chicks with dicks. Just men with tits. 🤢🤮

  • Family sex is the best

  • Shut the fuck up lady balls

  • Sexual frustration

  • No just sick of fake incest crap.

  • Definitely sexual frustration

  • Is that your problem? Can't get none.

  • Ooh what a come back zzzzzzzz

  • I guess my house was full of sex cravings crazy adults my mom and dad drink a lot they used to come in all drunk up sometimes with friends sometimes with other men and women but most of the time with another man there bed room was in the basement they all go down it would be noisy for a while and then it Would get quiet there bedroom had a door in the back that went outside I was about 10 or 11 I wanted to see what was going on i went in to find out what was going on there was a Shelf that kinda covered a hole in the wall but you still got a good view of the room my dad would tell my mom go undress and this time they had 2 men with them my mom would complain but she would take her clothes off she wore a dress all the time she had no under wear on she would never do anything till my dad told her I heard her tail my dad she hates doing this but she do it anyway for having 6 kids she had a nice body she shaved her pussy it look nice my dad would tell her to fuck and suck the men he would take pictures of her having sex with them Then he would bend her over the bed and fuck her he would tell her that she had a loose pussy and he would ram his cock in her asshole she would scream and cry my dad was a mean man then he would cum in her ass then turn her around and make her suck and clean his cock

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  • Continue story my dad told her she was a whore and told the 2 men to fuck her asshole and fill it with cum and he made my mom clean and suck there cock 1 other time I watched my mom eat a woman pussy this woman hit my mom and forced my mom to lay on her back on the floor this woman set on my mom face like doing 69 and told mom to lick and suck her pussy till she came if my mom was not doing it right the woman slapped my mom's shaved pussy hard I could hear my mom crying they had people over all the time and my mom always went down to the basement my dad is dead now and my mom is 85 I don't no if she misses all that there was other crazy things that happened in my house growing up when we moved I found a box full of pictures 500 and something most of them my mom sucking and fucking a lot of men there's about 20 pic of my mom doing women and the woman was mean to my mom a few pictures with 2 women holdings her down and forcing a baseball bat in her pussy and her asshole at the same time and my dad ramming his cock down my mom throat a few with my mom sucking our dogs dick and the dog on my mom back fucking her mom did not look happy my dad was a sick man ther

  • Made up

  • Same sex crazy house I was 12 sleeping in my room I got woke up with some one pulling down my underwear who ever it was turned off the little lights I had I could not tell who it was it was so dark in my room they rubbed my chest and nipples then my belly and down to my cock I just laid their I did not no what to do this was a first for me but my cock was hard then they started to lick and suck on my nipples they started biting them pretty hard it hurts some but it felt good to I still can't tell who they were Then they must have spit onthe their hand or something because they grab my cock and started jurking Me off there hand was big and it felt good then they started licking down my belly when they got to my cock they still jurking it up and down they suck my balls in there mouth and lick all over them they lick every where with their tongue under my balls down to my asshole itwould felt great then they just started to lick and suck my cock I heard them moaning Then they stopped and I heard whispering then the THEY started sucking hard and fast tell I came in there mouth what a feeling they kept sucking till my cock hurt then there was more whispering some hands pulled me up and I heard some body sit down on the bed and when they push me back down on the bed iwas between some legs then some one grab my hair and pushed my face in to a set of balls then this guy said my father lost a bet and he could do what ever he wanted to me he told me not to fight him and do what I am told I could not move some one else was holding my arms he made me open my mouth and suck and lickyour his balls then he forced his cock in my mouth hewould forced his cock down my throat then I felt my legs get pushed open and someone rub my asshole then I felt something big in my ass crack then I got a lot of pain this guy just ramed his cock in me all at once they both fucked like I was a whore

  • Bull shit incest.

  • We love incest

  • Not we the majority hate incest.

  • I can see you've put a lot of effort into this story!

  • I told you to shut the fuck up lady balls

  • Never

  • When you get caught lady balls you shut up.

  • Lol. Suck me

  • See you'r the gay one. Told you not interested in men.

  • Oh God you are a sick mother fucker! Give it up and seek help before it is to late. The bull shit is deep in here.

  • Shut the fuck up lady balls you never had family sex.

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  • I had both knees crushed at age 11 hit by a truck so i started bathing with my mom or my sister and i loved it mom had super huge tits with long nipples and my sister had huge tits big nipples and firmer but the biggest diffrence mom had 60s bush and sis was shaved baremy sister had me face her mom had me face away and even after cast came off they still bathed me.One day dad came home drunk and came to bathroom and grabbed sis's head and stuck his cock in and my sister sucked hard and swallowed and said daddy thought she was mom,omfg i was so hard.and i told mom but she said nothing and when i told my sister that she said is ok daddy lies her mouth better and i wondered whyso next bath was with mom and i faced her and she washed my dick felt it was hard and i stood and she ask what and i pushed my dick in her mouth and as she tried to pull away i said sis said she is better and mom stoped and sucked me dry.Then said ok sissy's turn and we went to her room and i saw her fucking her stuffed toy and mom said her eyes are shut just stick it down her throat like daddy did,and i walked in bottomless and stck my dick in her hole and said mommy already did it and she was goooood so sis started to suck my dick and put my hands on her big tits and she stoped sucking and sit on my face and 69ed with me i loved it and mom cam in and said who is better and i started to shoot in my sisters mouth and mom started to lick her ass and sissy soaked my head with cum and i said they both was the best.and we waited and when daddy came home drunk all three of us had him suck my dick and eat there pussies and mom and sis even had me fuck daddy in the ass and shoot cum in his mouth and after that daddy split and we was ok with that as we all started sleeping in same bed,bathing togeather and everyone ate ach others cum and even had a few friends join us for fun and they showed me to suck cock as well as eat pussy and it was great...

  • Nice fantasy lol

  • Lady balls why you still talking shut up.

  • So this all happened last year when you were 11 years old? I love seeing mom's tits.

  • First you need to learn how to write. Then get laid. After that hang yourself.

  • You need to start coming up behind your mom with a nice hard dick in your pants. Get your dick between her ass cheeks and start humping her like that. Maybe reach around and squeeze her tits too.

  • Fuck you and your fake sister

  • Bull Shit

  • I think it is fake incest propaganda fuck off

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  • Is that what you do lady balls?

  • Climb into bed with her, naked. If she says anything just tell her you want it like old times. After humping a leg for a few moments roll her onto her back and shove your cock into her, I'm sure she won't mind.

  • Talk to her recalling your younger times with her in bed. See what she says and turn the talk to sexual mode. You may be able to know whether she thinks on the same tune. Sex with older mature woman is great, believe me and mom is better.

  • OP here - thanks for the comments everyone but I don’t know that getting sexual with her is still in the cards. We’re both much older and haven’t spoken about the subject ever so it may just go to the grave, but I do have intentions of brining it up one day when her and I are alone

  • Did she ever rub her pussy when you were humping her

  • My mom has caught me jacking off naked wearing her thongs and panties and she would just stop and stare right at my cock so I would keep jacking off and moaning loudly saying "oohhh yes mommy I'm so fucking horny I can't help it i want to suck on your big ass titties ohh mommy i love wearing your sexy ass panties I steal sissys panties to i can't help it ...the first few times Is she caught me she or just walk away after a long minute Then a got to where she will purposely Catch me jagen off with her panties As she will be wearing nothing but a nightgown with no painters or bra underneath... She walked in letter shirt hang open And I was really high and I got up totally naked wearing her thong hard as a rock Can I grab her t*** I grab her hand and Made her squeeze my cock... She let me titty fuck her big ass titties but when I went to stick my dick in her pussy she yelled at me screaming NNOooo!! Stop it!!!...she always slept on the couch and would keep her black rubber dildo with her...she said she knew that I went through all her private stuff and she knew I had messed around with her dildo...i did alot of cocaine then and it made me really horny, I mean horny as fuck!!!...she knew I was high...i took her dildo From her and I started sucking on it an Then I pressed it to my butt like I was get a funk myself with Then I pressed it to my butt like I was gonna a fuck myself with it and I said u gonna fuck my ass and teach me to be a good little boy mommy...she made the weirdest face and right there i grab her leg and stuck the dildo in her pussy and she even helped me guide it in her,, i had already poured cooking oil all over me and her because I was so high and horny lol...after that night I always would Walk around naked j****** o** watching for wearing her Panties when It was just me and her at the house

  • Shit i jacked off at many family houses and loved to get caught.I loved family hot tub at my aunts and i get in and wait as i amnaked and my mom gets in on one sidemy sister and cousins get in and as its about full with 8 of us i put someones hand on my cock .I did it to my mom first and was nicely surprised as she kindly strokes my cock,and as i was about to cum she stops and gets out,and i askmy sister whats up and she sid its moms play time and as i stood to get out my big titted sister says ill eat that if ya like,and points at my hard on and i said lets watch mommy play time and e sneak in and hide and see mom,uncle,grandma,and two aunts all crow onto the bed and start rubbing and sucking and i said i wish and my big titted sister said my turn and starts sucking my cock and licking my ass and everyone heard me cum and just watched as sis swallows it all

  • You still suck

  • It would be worse if it were raining. .

  • Nice fantasy

  • You should go to your mom's bed at night when she is asleep. Move her panties enough to eat her pussy. She'll wake up so horny she will want you to fuck her.

  • You should ask her about it

  • It sounds like your mum is open to a intimate relationship, so its up to you to make it happen

  • Let her catch you jerking off to incest porn

  • My 1st and fav porns i took from my parents and they where Taboo and Taboo American Style and damn i loved them movies since like age 10 and had my sister watching it and we tried everything we could and she told me daddy showed her this and that mom showed this fuck i loved it

  • Excellent


  • 🤢🤮 you suck

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