I like showing off for my neighbors

I've never really thought of myself as an exhibitionist but lately I've really started to enjoy showing off for my neighbors. On one side is a group of 20-something guys and the other is a couple. When my bf comes over sometimes I'll leave the curtain and windows over my bed so they could see me riding him if they looked. I'll talk dirty and cum loud because I love knowing anyone could be listening.

I also like to walk around naked when nobody's home. I'll typically leave one or two curtains open, and just go about my day with no clothes on. If I get really turned on I'll masturbate on the couch or my bed, hoping on of my neighbors is looking.

I don't know that I'd do anything more than that--definitely not with the married guy, but the thought of any of them watching or listening, and masturbating, turns me on so much.

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  • When we were first married we lived in a apartment. I used to leave the drapes open that lead to the balcony and walk around nude. Sometime we would fuck on the floor in front of the glass doors with the lights off. Once we moved into our house that stopped. Now the only time I do it is when we go somewhere for a long weekend or vacation at a hotel. The best place I ever found to do it now is at hotel in Vegas. The end units have a bathroom with big picture window and clear glass. We fuck in front of the window with the lights on every night we stay there. The first time we went there we stayed in a middle unit and saw lots of couples fucking in the end units. I mentioned to a couple other guests and found out they watched to. So I guess dozens of people have seen us fuck during the eight times we have stayed at that hotel. I am looking forward to our next trip as we are into doing MFM sex now and my current bf is going to join us. That should be a great show for the people that are watching.

  • My virgin fiancée does this, but in front of hotel windows.

    When it’s time for the window cleaners to start their rounds, my fiancée opens the curtains and begins masturbating head-down ass-up, so that she can pretend that she doesn’t see them come to her window. She always cums after a few minutes of them watching her. She pretends to be shocked and closes the curtains.

    She also likes to strip completely naked in front of her window, with the curtains open.

    Lastly, she always drops her towel for room service.

  • Wear short skirts with no panties on, whenever you go out.

  • I need you for a neighbor!

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