Friends forever

I have been friends with a couple for many years we hang out party ect...In the past 5 years I have noticed his wife looking at me all the time. One evening I was over visiting and she was the only one home at the time...she corners me and confessed that she was in love with me and I had feelings for her too we both are married and at that moment after she confessed we were kissing my hand was in places.We have been having sex as much as we can all the time making out ect...I confess I love her too we bang early morning at lunch or when we possibly can been going on for 3 years now

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  • Well that is great. Is she giving you grammar lessons as well?

  • Educating Jill
    Smoking hot wife Amy and cute chubby friend Jill and I having beers at our bar. Amy makes Jill a dink called Blowjob. Jill drinking it says that's her first blowjob, only whore give real ones. Whoa Amy goes, Bill (me) owes me about $ million. Amy goes NO, you do that!. This is 1968 and BJ are still taboo to many. Jill thinks blowjobs are when the girl sucks the guy off and then he beats her about the face with his hard dick squirting cum all over it , like she saw in ugly porn. Amy says it's nothing like that, it's a loving act of kindness and reward, almost spiritual, your mouth is making love, you are totally control, unlike pussy sex. And Bill cums in my mouth, the cherry on top. I love doing it. Jill says. I'd like to see this. And Amy does show and tell, and gives me a blowjob for Jill to watch. "Wow, that was nice and titillating " you're welcome
    A month later she tells Amy she's hooked on Bjs.

  • I started an affair with my husband's friend mid last year. We had felt secret feelings for each other for a while and when suddenly thrust alone together it just happened. I'm all about the tenderness and romance but he had such a high sexual appetite and the way he took me with such lust and roughness left me shaking and longing for more. We meet up when my husband is at work and the sex is extremely exciting and satisfying. I rarely refuse anytime or anything he wants and he always leaves me fully pleasured. I thought we felt some kind of love but it's now just all about the unprotected no holds barred sex. I feel bad about my hubby having to work alot and hardly ever wanting sex but my mind wanders to the sex I'm having and I'm too aroused to worry. Sometimes I do wonder if my hubby set up this arrangement with his friend but I think that's just my mind making up strange scenarios.

  • Kick your nasty used disgusting ass to the curb. You are damaged, ruined nasty skank now
    You will b found out and a whole Lotta ass kicking going to be going on. With your skank ass first tof go.

  • I don´t understand why married men don´t want sex, read it a few times here, wonder how they react if they found out you´s are cheating

  • Perhaps you should be together?

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