Told my wife about my taboo history

I have eluded a few times about my sexual past to my wife and last year I confessed to her that I have had sex with a few of my family members and she got turned on. She started to ask me more about it and I told her that I had sex with my sister when I was very young. then I told her I had sex with my Aunt when I was a teenager. I then confessed to her that I actually had sex with my own mom just after high school. She got so turned on that she soaked the bed. She now begs me to tell her the details when we have sex. I think she has her own fantasies and enjoys hearing mine. I told her they were true and that I have never told anyone else. My mom has passed away a few years ago, but I told her that we had sex for many years. She asked me if I would ever have sex with my daughter that is in her 20's, and I said I have thought of it, but never did. She now wants me to call her daughter and she calls me daddy.

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  • My ex-wife never knew about my long-time sex with my hot older sister, but, when I started dating after divorce, even though I never mentioned it, picked up on how my sister and I got along at a family gathering (we're always very hands-on, flirty, and do a lip to lip "real" greeting kiss), one woman I dated did ask about it on the way home. I told her honest, yes, I've had sex with her/older sister, and the woman was very into it. Envious, in fact. Encouraged me to keep doing it, as it added variety to our own sex. I was surprised, but happy.

  • Alot of people are turned on by incest, its natural.


  • That's so cool that your wife is turned on by your past history of incest. You could also call your wife, "little girl, sweetie, and honey bunny; besides just daughter.

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