Girlfriend Kathy confessed to cheating

True story my girlfriend Kathy and I moved in together we decided to confess to each other about our past partners. We both are very sexual. Kathy had met my last girlfriend Linda a few times and was real jealous of her. So she wanted to know how good she was in bed and every detail of our sex life. At first I held back a bit but after a few weeks I got more courage and confessed to Kathy every set including the time Linda and her friends and I got naked on a camping trip and started swapping until Linda stopped it. I confessed to Kathy that I was doing Linda doggy style as we watched her husband (she was married) mow the lawn. I told Kathy about the time Linda was flirting with one of my friends, she didn't know I saw them, but she made out with him and he had his hands up her shirt. Kathy asked me if this turned me on? I confessed that I was both jealous and turned on at the same time. She then asked me if I ever suspected her if seeing anyone else? I confessed that I after seeing my buddy and her chatting a lot and getting close i wondered a bit. I told her I had caught him eyeing her up and down in her bikini. I did suspect they have some attraction to each other. So I decided to ask her if anything had happened? She confessed that she had noticed him looking her over and admitted over the last few weeks he was making more advances. But she said she hadn't cheated with him. I asked how far they went and she did tell me that the day after we were out on the boat while I was cleaning the boat while she was in the house cleaning up he came up to her and put his arms around her and was looking into her eyes and they ended up making out. I wanted how far it went and she confessed he felt up her tits and fingered her on the outside of her bikini. She said he turned her around and started to bend her over the couch so they could see me working on the boat. He was pulling down her bikini as he wanted to proceed in doing me. Then she stopped him. She said his pants were down and he was real hard and he told her that she was not being fair to leave him this the on and she was wet too. So she turned around and faced him and proceeded to stroke him off. I asked her if she wants him and she confessed that she would like to try him out but wants me to watch.

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  • Wow what a weekend. Rhonda, Kathy, and I had.

  • Kathy has agreed to fulfill my fantasy of a threesome. Her only stipulation is she doesn't want me to cum in her. Her friend Rhonda is up for it. I have wanted to do Rhonda for years but stayed loyal to my girl. Now this has opened the door. We will be meeting up on July 6th. Spend the day on the boat and let things go from there. I'll have the hot tub, drinks, boat cabin, and master bedroom all set up. I've talked to Rhonda and we have a special occasion planned for Kathy.

  • The old gang, 5 guys 7 girls, over 3 years everyone had sex together. We were 18 to 22 at the time. We had shared a beach house in the summer, lifeguards. 2 couples married. This 50 years ago.

  • So are you going to work out the relationship?

  • Kathy has agreed to fulfill my fantasy of two girls with me. She has asked her friend Rhonda if she is interested? She is. We are going to meet up this weekend. Rhonda is really good looking and only 23. She has a smoking hot body. I've always wanted her. Saturday we are going on the boat. The three of us.

  • My wife and I had a huge fight about 8 years ago and I stayed at a buddy's house for about 6 months. We both admit to each other that we both were having sex during our time apart. We got together about 4 months into being apart. Got a hotel room and had sex. Afterwards she asked, "So, are you sleeping with anyone?" I said, "Are you?" She said, "Yep. Shawn." Shawn is one of her very good friends. He moved in with her during our time apart. I said, "Wow. Really? How often?" She said, "You really want to know?" I said, "Yeah." She said, "Like 4-5 times a week." I said, "Holy shit. That's a lot!" She said, "He's really good in bed. Plus you aren't home. So what about you?" I said, "Yeah. Me and Stephanie." She said, "She any good?" I said, "She's not you."

  • Update: since I posted this I have been reading the comments posted on here. I decided to share what I wrote. Kathy was sitting down on the couch (same one they were watching me from) with a glass of wine while I read the confession post. I kept looking at her then I started reading the comments. When I read the comments I acknowledged the ones from women, like her. It didn't take long and I could see you ladies were correct. Kathy finally confessed that the last part was not accurate. She did tell him they shouldn't do this but they were both to turned on to stop. He proceeded to do her doggy style as they watched me clean the boat. She said she had an awesome orgasm and he did cum in her.

    Kathy also confirmed that they decided to meet and clear the air last Tuesday he called in at work and came to our house while I was going to a work meeting. They agreed they shouldn't continue seeing each other. For some reason she was curious if he had been with my previous girlfriend Linda. He confirmed he had been with her a few times. Kathy confessed to me she asked him if Linda was better in bed? He told no. I asked her if they did anything else? She said he told her if he could make love to her this one last time they would then end it. She said he picked me up and carried me to our bedroom and had me stand their as he undressed me. She had on only her panties and he was admiring her beauty. He then knelt down and slowly pulled down her panties. He was stunned as this was the first time he saw her completely naked and even though Kathy has pure jet black hair on top her pubic hair is natural strawberry blond. He said he never heard of this. Was it natural? As I had learned years ago it was yes I even had shaved her and watched it grow back to confirm it. So he had her lay down and he went down on her and they made love 4 times on Tuesday of this week. She said they both had great orgasms and agreed it would be the last time.

  • I cheated on my boyfriend when we first got together. To be fair I really wasn't sure I wanted to date him. Me and some of my friends went to the bar and this guy I had known for years was there. I went home with him and didn't even think about the fact that I had justin started dating my boyfriend. I married my boyfriend and years later it came out that I had gone home with this other guy. Needless to say my husband accused me of screwing around on him and it caused a lot of fights. He still doesn't trust me eventhough that was the only time I screwed around.

  • Sounds like she's telling the partial truth. If she was that turned on and had her wet pussy out in the open, she didn't just give him a handjob. She got fucked.

  • That's what I'm saying. There is no way she went that far and just gave him a handjob. If I had gone that far, we would have been fucking while we kept an eye on my boyfriend out the window.

  • I agree. I'm female and there is no way a woman will not mount cock if they are that turned on.

  • I want my wife to do this sort of thing

  • They all say that. NO woman is ever going to stop when she has already gone that far. She didn't just stop and stroke him off, no, they fucked. She just telling you they didn't.

  • I agree with you. If I go that far with a guy, I fully intend to have sex with him. Even if I have a boyfriend or not.

  • So you only got it part right. Why do silly bitches lie. Ok she was truthful up until she said she stopped me. Because lord knows she didn’t. I sunk into your slut and fucked her really hard while we watched you play on your boat. She moaned and screamed and left thick cum on my dick. When she seemed like she couldn’t take any more o spun her around and shot a thick load all over her face. While she was sucking me slowly I made her look me in the eyes and asked “who’s pussy is this” I’m sure you know what she said.

  • You're a straight up fucking loser.

  • Watch it bud. Hide in the closet.

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