Breast Fetish Couple

We are a breast fetish couple. My husband married me because of my tits. He enjoys tit fucking them, cum blasting them, nurse on them, lifting and dropping them. I enjoy the attention he gives to my breasts. We swung with several married couples who's wife has huge tits. That's when I acquired a breast fetish also. This one wife wanted me and her tit fuck each other. We stood up breasts exposed and use our breasts to hump the others tits. Then use our huge tit to hump the vaginas. Swing our breast to slap them across each other faces.

We started a new kink. When we are out separately in public we exchange photos of women with mega breasts on our smart phones. We try to out do each other as a game. I try to find one that's willing to flash or join us. I carry a photo of my husband's dick to entice them. I also offer them money if I can feel them.

The other day I hit a jack pot. This older woman must of thought she was cursed of having such enormous boobs. I went up to her and started a conversation with her. I convinced her of us going to the family restroom and expose them for me and I would pay her to let me take a snap shot of them to send to my hubby. She agreed. When She showed them to me I had to finger myself. "You can suck them if you want to," she said. She liked the idea of seeing me getting hot and bothered. I pulled out my breasts to rub them over her monsters. "Girl you're getting carried away and I think we did enough. I have an open mind but this is not the right place." I was told by her. Then she said I could give myself an orgasm from her from cursed tits if my husband banged her good and hard.

Gave her directions to our place. My husband couldn't believe his eyes. He had an instant hard-on which Sue, our guest saw trying to get poke thru his pants. In the bedroom I undressed Sue while she undressed my hubby. "That's a big one baby!" Sue remarked. Her tits laid over her big belly, then slid over to her sides as she leaned back and said, "Come on stallion do your stuff!" I didn't know my husband had that much stamina. He kept pumping her and she screamed in delight as I manhandle and sucked hard on her tits, making then black and blue. She was completely exhausted.

"Next time sweetie," she said to me, "It be your turn to bang me. Make sure that strap-on is as big as your hubby or bigger. He can tit fuck me while you try to get me to climax!"

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