Me and My Friend Have Foot Fetishes

Me and MY Best friend are teenagers and one night we had a sleepover and well let's just say I discovered he had a Foot Fetish; we were playing Fortnite together and I was wearing socks and unbeknownst to me at the time, he was smelling my Feet and I was laughing. He did look rather regretful but I assured him it was no big deal I liked it and I asked him if he could do the same thing. Then he puts his wonderful socked feet in my face and I sniffed his socks and I was instantly turned on. Then after that, my friend had the idea of the two of us wearing our underwear, and I was turned on by that idea because I love being in my underwear and he does to besides my parents weren't home so I stripped down to my boxers and socks and he stripped down to his boxers and socks. I was wearing blue plaid boxers and black nike elite socks and he was wearing fortnite boxers and white socks. We both spent the entire night smelling eachother's stinky feet, he says me socks smell like cheese and fish and he's right they do; his smell like cheese and onions. Before the end of the night we both cummed after admiring our underwear and smelling eachother's socks; we kept our socks on, we both hate bare feet but every time we have sleepovers we immediately strip down to our boxers and socks and smell eachother's feet, we're best friends forever.

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  • So you must be Catherine and Jacob the foot sniffers.

  • Hey Dumbass it's two boys not a boy nd a girl, learn to read better you uneducated illiterate dumbass.

  • Hey dip shit you also wrote Foot sniffers too. So now you write that you did that with another guy, you sissy faggot.

  • You're a Fucking Dumbass get a life

  • Got one that doesn't include foot sniffing.

  • I think balls smell fantastic.

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