I Smelled My Friend's in Walmart

I saw a good friend of mine named Zack in Walmart today he has short brown hair, wears black glasses, had on a black t shirt, jeans shorts, white socks, and Nike shoes as we saw eachother and hugged and talked before we decided to go over to a nearby bench to sit together

So we both sat down to talk and let's say I was a bit attracted to his knees and keep in mind Zack knows I have a foot fetish and we do share feet pics with eachother. So I went over to take his shoes off and he didn't mind at all he told me to go for it as I took his shoes off in Walmart to reveal his socks.

Zack happily wiggled his socked toes for me as I then went to take my own shoes off before he took them off for me just to be fair and as we sat in the middle of Walmart Sock Footed while people were shopping I gave my friend Zack a foot massage.

I was rubbing Zack's socked feet as shoppers in Wal;mart I think stared at us wondering why is one guy rubbing another guy's feet in Walmart? Zack then started to rub my feet as well as I could see other Walmart shoppers giving me and Zack weird looks as we rubbed eachother's socked feet in Walmart.

So as I rubbed Zack's feet in Walmart I often wondered what his Feet smell like so I put my nose between his socked toes and smelled his Feet in Walmart.

Zack's Feet really stink like bad cheese, olives, and cabbage as Zack smiled and he sniffed my feet saying how bad mine smell as we both sniffed eachother's feet in Walmart as we grossed out just about every Walmart Shopper in the store.

Then an Employee told us that we had to leave the store and that we can't be smelling our feet in Walmart.

So we both left Walmart but we'll be sure to keep in touch together maybe one day have some real foot related fun not at Walmart.

1 month ago

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    • Where did this happen?

    • Hey foot sniffer how are you. I didn't know Walmart allowed perverted things to happen in their stores since they have cameras and undercover agents all over the store.

    • How would you know they don’t allow dogs in Walmart

    • Because Walmart self food so not pets allowed.

    • Were you in Walmart?

    • I think he was in Walmart. Smelling another guy's feet, and getting his felt up and smelled, by another guy, in Walmart. There are no signs saying you can't do this in Walmart. Fuck Walmart !

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