I Wonder What Chandler Riggs's Feet Smell Like?

I have been Watching Chandler Riggs since the first Walking Dead season for the past 10 Years and have had a crush on him since but the show hasn't been the same since he was killed off along with all of the other good characters in fact I don't even watch it anymore since the show sucks now.

But now I watch Chandler stream on Twitch under his Twitch name Chairhandler and I was watching his PC Building Stream where he wore a blue shirt, khaki shorts, and black socks and I was turned on by his hairy legs and him sitting on his knees and his socked feet.

If I was in his room I would sit under his desk and smell those socks of his, I wonder if his feet smell like Zombies? Not to mention would have taken his socks off and maybe suck his toes if possible.

Carl Grimes i'm sure has some smelly feet and if only I could meet him in person just to ask him to take his shoes off and smell his feet.

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  • What is with your foot smelling posts?

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