They thought I was asleep

My wife’s sister was relocating to our area so my wife told her that she could stay with us for a while. My wife is a pretty petite 5’2’’ 120lb blonde/blue with a tight little body, firm round ass and 36C tits. Her sister is 5’7’’ 140lb pretty brunette/blue with a rock solid body and 36DD fake tits.

I was lying naked in bed on top of the blankets when my wife came in and thinking I was asleep left. About 10 minutes later I heard the doorbell then I heard the two sisters shrieking, laughing, talking and overjoyed to see each other. I ignored them. I was laying on my back one leg pulled up and off to the side and the other slightly spread. I had my arm across my eyes but I could still see from under my arm.
I heard the talking and excited giggling getting closer so I peeked from under my arm to see if I could see them. My wife sounded excited. I could hear the conversation starting with my wife “I want to show you something! I want you to see! He’s naked! He is so beautiful.” Her sister replied “No he might wake up!” my wife countered with “No he’s asleep and he won’t wake up!” as she pulled her sister in the room. They quickly moved to the side of the bed and stood there for a quiet minute just inches away from my naked body. My cock was semi erect and slowly growing. I couldn't believe my wife brought her sister in the room to see me naked. “He has a big cock, doesn’t he?” my wife asked. “Yes! It’s nice! Let’s go before he wakes up. He’ll be pissed.” My sister-in-law said nervously as she pulled my wife from the room.

The next morning when I saw my sister-in-law, she tried to pretend like nothing happened although I know that she saw me completely naked. I kept catching her staring at my cock outlined through my sleep pants. That was fucking hot.

5 months ago


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    • Now you need to see her nude. A nice spy camera is perfect for the job

    • That's nothing. I fucked my wife's saintly twin sister on a sleepover. I sneaked her her room at 2 AM. I had been flirting with her over beers at our bar. She said I was bad, she was expecting this for some time. She said she was getting even. In HS sis had a date with the rival school's quarterback. When he came to pick her up my wife pretended she was her and went on the date, had sex with the guy, staining her reputation. She said she loves her sister but fucking her husband felt sweet. At 5AM she said you better get back. I said wouldn't a blowjob make you fell even better,. sure. and down she went.

    • Liar.

    • I believe you.

    • Yeah in your little d**K dreams. Need to lay off the booze and drugs don't ya think. ....

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