We Did Terry's Mom

Two nights ago I went over to spend the night with Terry and we planned on both fucking his mother at the same time, and she gave us hope by drinking some vodka.

I grabbed her tits a few times and when she was doing dishes I ran a hand up the inside of her legs to her crotch and was really excited to find she was wearing no panties. I slipped my thumb into her wet pussy and wiggled it around for a moment. She let out a long sigh and squeezed my hand between her thighs, then told me "You'll have to wait 'til bedtime."

Terry and I went over our plan and went to bed while his mother showered. The room I was in was across the hall from Terry's and as soon as his mother left the bathroom she came right to me, dropped her towel, threw the blankets off of me and wrapped her lips around my rock-solid cock. Terry came into the room and watched his mother's ass and pussy while slowly stroking his cock.

When Denise straddled me and lowered her wet, hot cunt over my cock I motioned for Terry to enter his mother from behind. She lowered her head next to mine and moaned softly as her son's cock forced it's way into her along side mine. As soon as he started to pump his mother I started as well, alternating my pace, and Denise lifted herself on her arms and began to gasp as our cocks were now pounding in and out of her.

Terry came first, but after thrusting into his mom to empty his balls he resumed pounding her, followed soon after by his mother's climax. She threw her head back and trembled uncontrollably as her entire body trembled and quivered it's approval. While his mom was shaking Terry pulled his cock out of her pussy and and guided it to her ass-hole. "Oh mom, I've waited so long for this." Denise squealed as her son thrust himself deep into her ass, and as he started to pound in and out of her I blasted my load deep into her cunt. As soon as I felt drained my cock began to feel numb and I resumed pumping her wet, velvety-smooth fuck-pit.

We fucked her for so long after we came that she let her body go limp as we continued enjoying it. "You two.... are.... unbelievable!" Denise gasped as Terry pulled her elbows behind her and started slamming her ass hard enough to get her luscious tits flailing inches from my face and as soon as I grabbed one and took it into my mouth Denise was gushing another orgasm. "Oh GAWD!!!" She called out as her body twisted and shook.

When she collapsed onto me I told Terry that I wanted some time in her ass, so he pulled out and lifted her from my cock, dropping her on her stomach next to me. While I eased my throbbing rod into his mom's luscious ass, Terry was guiding his cock into her mouth. She was reluctant at first but once I was pounding her ass she gobbled it into her mouth, sucking hard as she again starting kicking and squirming another orgasm.

Terry and I fucked her brutally until she seemed to pass out, then a few minutes later we went off in his mom almost simultaneously, while she was lying completely motionless. We removed ourselves from Terry's mother then sat and enjoyed the sight before us, her beautiful naked body, with our semen dribbling from her cunt and ass when she softly spoke. "I have never...." she continued between deep breaths. "....never been.... fucked like.... that.... before." We laid on either side of her, with Terry sucking and fondling her tits and me rubbing my cock against the soft skin on her thigh. I asked if she wanted us to do her again and she quickly replied "not until I'm sure I can walk again."

Denise wouldn't let us fuck her in the morning, but she did suck us both off, and swallowed both loads before making breakfast for the three of us. It was the most incredible experience a horny teen could ever dream of and we were lucky enough to experience it with a very thankful woman.


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  • I fucked Denise one on one many times. She has a nice pussy and she loves to fuck!!

  • Oh my God you are so full of shit. Wake up son, you done creamed your underwear.

  • I guess you've never DP'd a woman. Too bad.

  • Yum

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