How to get sugar daddy back?

So I matched this guy on tinder who immediately asked me to Snapchat. When I did, he send me a text saying that he’s looking for a girlfriend to spoil and make happy, that he pays cash or can buy things up to a very generous amount per month, and that physical dates + nude pics/videos are required. I said I might be interested, and he said send front/back body with underwear on and naked. I sent the photos but covered my face. He asked me to show my face and when I told him I was nervous about putting full nudes out there he said I had trust issues and “I can’t build a relationship on top of that.” He said he was “very interested” and I had made it quite far in his selection process. I had hesitated sending nudes because I wasn’t sure if he was a real person but I’ve seen him post on his story and stuff so I now know he’s who the pictures show. With each moment I’m regretting not just sending the pictures because I’m curious about being a sugar baby (never done it before) and he emphasized heavily that he really wants to spoil his girl and make her happy. He’s young and has a very nice body. I tried asking if he’d like to meet in person, no strings attached, but he said he can’t get past the trust issues. Is there any way I can salvage this? Any way I can show him I don’t have trust issues but was just being cautious? ):

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  • He is trying to trick you into sending nudes for free under the guise of being a "sugar daddy." You are right to be cautious. It is fine to not want to send nudes right away and not wanting to immediately send nudes does not mean you have trust issues.

    If he wants your nudes and he's serious about being a sugar daddy he needs to pay first. no freebies! Make sure YOU set the terms. Most guys will try to undersell you. Don't let them

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