My old neighbor

For the past few months ever since my neighbor moved in next door he has been walking around his house wearing nothing at times and being he has no curtains up yet if I look I can see everything.
He's in his 50's and not badly built for a old guy and he has the biggest cock I have ever seen, not super long but god is it ever thick, I doubt if I could get my hands wrapped around it and I can't help but stare at him when he's got it hard. well lately I know he can't see me for dad put privacy film on our windows and it's one way viewing, you can look out but no one can look in and I can stand right at the window facing his bed room he can't see me but I see everything he does.
At first I thought it was a young lady he had on top of the bed with him but it was one of them dolls and he was making mad passionate love to it and when he cum on her I came right with him, I mean I really soaked my panties. I have only been with 3 guys but this old mans cum has really got me wondering for I've never seen so much from one guy before. Well last night I did a horrible thing while he was gone, I sneaked into his house found his doll and I must say it looks real and it still had some of his dried cum on her and I couldn't resist I tasted it and it wasn't bitter at all like my BF's.
Then I heard his bike return and I panicked, I hid in his closet and it had louvered doors on it abut I hid myself really well back of the clothes and I waited, and waited and it wasn't really all that long till he came into the room and got undressed right there before me less than 10 feet away and just watching him I got all wet watching him and he began to stroke himself making himself get harder and harder and I couldn't take any more so I sunk back into his clothes and kept quiet. It was well after dark and he was snoring so I snuck back out of his house but wait I forgot my panties oh god no I can't go back in I'd surely get caught looking for them so I left and went to my room.
When I got up the next morning there he was and he had my panties holding them up to his face it was like he was smelling them and I saw his cock get hard and he began to stroke himself again and when he shot his load out he caught it on my panties and I couldn't believe him. Later in the day there was my cum soaked panties on my window sill, god how did he know they were mine, mom and I are about the same size, or was he just guessing? UI went out to retrieve4 them and when I did I saw my window didn't have privacy film on it yet and I about fainted. Now I know he knows everything I do and have been doing watching him up close and I soaked my panties right then and there. Gads he turns me on so much or I should say his cock does even tho I know I couldn't take it in my puss, way to thick.

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  • I'm an older guy and also have a bigger than normal cock so I've been told by a couple of married ladies. You need to get with him he will look after you and you'll be surprised it will fit it might be tight but you will have that much cum running down your leg you will think you wet yourself. It will be the best sex you will have trust me. G
    Email me after you do it with him ok

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