I seduced him

My sister was always a bitch to me . Being 4 years older she picked on me all the time.
One day she had to cover someone’s shift at work so when her bf came over to see her i told him she would be back soon.
I started flirting with him and was getting him interested abd he said Barb would ve home we need to stop.
I said she had to work until 9 and so took him to my room and we fucked.
We did it two more times once in her bed. One tine she was in shower so they could go out and i fucked him (aquickie) while she was in shower.
They ended up getting married and still are.
That was 15 years ago. She never found out.

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  • You're a good woman. Fuck and suck anyone you fancy. It brings happiness in a drab, often disappointing world.

  • My wife's saintly Twin sister gave me a blowjob. My wife was out of town on biz, and she stopped by. I'm where did that come from? She said in HS they were both cheerleaders. She had a date with the rival school's hot quarterback.
    When he came by to picker her up my wife posed as her and went on the date and fucked the guy. It was all over school that sis fucked the guy -- "love my sister but giving her husband a blowjob makes us even." The best part about it was it was long, and my nun like SIL was doing it, wife gives much better ones. I don't think she has too much experience. I was thinking should I cum in her mouth? Probably not, so I held out and extra minute -- then I rally came in her mouth.
    Did you enjoy doing it? "no I didn't, it was something I had to do. I thought of sex with you, but thought about getting pregnant, and wasn't sure you'd go along. She told me how you both love BJ's, only my hussy sister could love giving them"

  • I’m a guy, have an older sister, and when her boyfriends come over and they close the door I get my phone and align it under the door crack at the floor and record her having sex. I post the vids online and she hasn’t found out.

  • Your English is getting better. You've still got quite a ways to go yet though.

  • You have issues

  • I loved that my hot older sister, who could get any guy and knew how to steal anyone's man, held it over my other sister's head that she could do so with anyone she/the other sister, would be with. The one sister's bf's would be more attracted to my hot older sister and go to her, and, if my sister's were fighting, I'd see the hot older one flirting, touching, wearing skin-revealing clothes or, by coincidence, getting ready for a swim and wearing her tiny, black bikini around the house and patio while the other's bf was there.

    I know it caused problems between them, and even now, hot older sister will joke with me about it when a situation arises. "Reminds me of that guy she dated, Danny..Remember him? She should thank me for getting him hard and riled up for her. That guy was a walking hardon, and I caused it. It was so fun". Older sister did admit to being with the friend of one of the other sister's ex-bf's, but also added "that one construction guy she dated, dumb as shit, but..He told me he wanted to fuck me and not her..I didn't, though".

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