Cab driver

Pete, I was so horny last night. I took some magic mushrooms and I had a hard on for 3 hours! They also made me fantasize about you making me do... things. Writing and posting it here just made it more intense. I thought I might feel different today when I'm not so stoned, but I don't! I still want to suck your cock! I still want you to be the boss, my new Master. The idea of you doing things to me with your cock still excites me today! I just want to be told. I want you to make me suck your cock. I want you to tell me you're going to fuck me and then just do it! Fuck me with dildos and other objects, or make me fuck myself with things while you choke me with your cock. Come on Pete, don't you want to stick your cock in my mouth? Don't you want to cum in my mouth and make me swallow it? I know you do! Because you'll be the Master of me! You will love the idea of making me, your so-called "straight" buddy, suck your cock! I know it will turn you on to be my Lord and graciously feed me your sperm. I would lick my lips and thank you, Master! Turns me on so much to think of you doing things to me with your cock, Pete! Choke me with it! Fuck me with it! Cum all over me! I I'm getting off on the whole idea of you using me to please your cock! It would be fun to suck your cock in the cab. I could stroke your dick on the way to work. Wouldn't it be great to cum in my mouth before I go to work? I thought I might feel differently today, but I still want to suck you off! Make me suck it. Make me take it up the ass. I still want you to be my Master and me your cock slave! You will enjoy using my mouth and my ass, Pete! C1330.

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