I sucked my friend

We were all out having a great time and I was planning on staying the night at my friends place. The cab got us home and he told me he was ready to just crash when we came thru the door. He was in his room for a few minutes when I heard some noises like something falling down or over, I looked into his room and he was half on the bed wearing his boxers and a t-shirt.
I rolled and slid him up onto his bed and he never even stirred, his arms were limp as he laid there on his back. I looked at him for a second then down at his boxers, I pulled the opening out some and looked at his cock. I rubbed the head a little with my finger while watching his face, he did not even flinch. I worked his cock out of his boxers and stroked it a few times, I wondered if he would get hard while sleeping. I kept stroking on him some then kneeled over him on the bed, I lowered my lips to his cock and sucked it into my mouth. It took a few minutes but soon it was springing to life and getting hard, I decided that I needed more room so I pulled down his shorts and slid them off his feet. I moved his legs apart some and started sucking on him again, I was sucking pretty good pulling in long hard sucks. He murmured something but I could not really make it out then I heard him say that it really felt good so I asked him if he wanted me to keep sucking on him. He told me yes so I sucked him down and gave him a great blow job right to orgasm.
He walked out the next morning around ten or so and asked me what the hell we did last night at the bar because he was drawing a complete blank. He told me he must have really been out of it because he woke up without anything but a t-shirt on. I asked him if he remembered anything at all about getting home and me getting up into his bed, he looked at me and asked what I meant by getting him into bed. I told him that I heard him fall down a few minutes after going into his room and I found him half on the bed so I rolled him up onto the bed and covered you up. He told me he was sorry I had to do that for him but no he did not remember a thing about it. I told him that he must have had a great time then if he could not remember anything.

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  • I remember nights in my teens camping out with my friend, we would turn off our flashlights after reading porn then search around in the dark for each others cock. I have never had so much head given to me since, he would suck my cock for a really long time sometimes giving me multiple orgasms. He would lick and suck on my balls, stroke me, suck me more, I have never received cock sucking like that from a woman since.

  • He might remember but feel shy about it in the morning... wait until next time you are both hammered again.

    I bet that cock will be in your mouth some more.

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