Key to our happy marriage

I've been married to my wife for 30 years. We have two children. One is 24. Other is 21. Both out of the house. Both my wife and I have done our share of cheating over the years. Me moreso than she. I had a 5 year long affair with a coworker. I ended it when she asked me to divorce my wife for her and I didn't want to. I've also been with a few men over the years. She had a very lengthy thing with one of her best (female friends. Like off and on most of our marriage. She fessed up to it about 8 years ago. That leads into the second half of this.

Once all the kids had left the house, we could do anything we wanted. She mentioned at dinner that now that we had the house to ourselves she wanted to try some variety and spice to our sex life. I asked how. She then admit that she is in love with carrie, her best friend. I asked if she wanted a divorce. She said, "Heavens no. I am still in love with you. Just as much as our first date." She then told me that she's been having sex with Carrie for years. She said that she wanted to have sex with her in front of me and with me.

Imagine thinking your wife was vanilla, straight laced, just interested in normal sex. Then as your wife turns 50, she wants to get kinky. I was all for it. She was relieved to find out that I'm totally ok with her being bisexual. Then she asks me, "Would you ever have sex with another man?" Keep in mind she doesn't know that I HAVE had sex with men. I said, "I'd like the idea of having my cock sucked by another man and sucking cock." She said, "What about anal?" I said, "Me fucking another guy? Nah. Me being fucked by another guy? I'd like to try it."

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