Painted beach babe

My husband and I were at a beach where people were painting girls while naked or wearing just a thong it looked so sexy I decided to get done and my husband was all for it the first time I wore a thong and was painted as wonder women it felt so good having people watch and the end product was amazing, walking around having people looking at your pussie and tits to see what they could was exciting, that evening we really got stuck into the best sex we had for quite some time, the following day I showered shaved all over and walked down with my husband with no underwear on and just a summer dress over, the same guy did me nude painting on a small bikini it was fantastic, I asked if he could coat me with a clear gloss so the bikini would stay as was for quite a while and he did, my nipples were erect and obvious as if under a light bra but you could not really see my pussie because he coated that area four times plus the gloss, so liberating and sexy knowing I was walking around nude but not obviously so, my husband was as horny as hell but I made him wait most of the day before we went back to our hotel to sunbathe by the pool, you should have seen some of the looks from both women and men not too sure if it was real.
We are certainly going back next year.

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  • You must have a nice tight neat pussy, I got painted naked and was walking around but after 25 minutes my husband pointed out that my labia's were clearly showing and the paint had rubbed off my bum crack.

  • Use periods please. It really would make it easier to read.

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