Master, I had second thoughts

Pete. I've been jacking off all night as I think and write about the things you would do to me with your cock. I have held off until I finally blew a huge load. I was still in the mood when I cummed into my cupped hand and imagined it was your cum as I licked it up. A minute later as I was catching my breath I suddenly regretted having posted everything here. What if it was a mistake? What if everything I said freaks you out? What if it means the end of our friendship? (And my ride to work!) I got up and had something to eat I forgot about it for a while. Then I thought, no! I do want to suck your cock! I still think it would be awesome if you made me a slave to your cock! And I know it, I'm absolutely certain that it would turn you on to see me sucking on your cock! When you realize who I am you're going to love making me eat your cum! You will enjoy the feeling of power it will give you to make me take it up the ass. I know you would enjoy texting me at work to remind me that my ass was full of your sperm! That would turn me on too! I know you would enjoy the sight of me of all people on my knees eating your cock! I've been your "straight" buddy for years so wouldn't it be exciting to make me suck your cock? Wouldn't it give you a thrill to order me to swallow your cum and have me actually do it! I take back my previous regrets. I really do want you to make me your cock slave! It would be crazy, weird and fun to do whatever you say, and have you do whatever you wanted to me with your cock! Pete, I know for sure you would love to see me on my knees with your cock in my mouth, just because it's me! I know by the things you have said and the way you act that you would enjoy being my Master, my Lord. I'm sure you would enjoy using and abusing me with your cock. We've always been equals so imagine how much better than me you will be, how much more superior than me you will always be after you, literally, fuck me in the face! From then on you would be the King and I would be the the lowly one who sucks your cock. You will always be better than me. You will be my Master and I will be your cock slave for real. You will be the man and I will be the nobody who sucks your cock, the guy that you make eat your cum. You'll be better than me because I'm the kind of guy that would let another guy fuck me in the ass! Pete, I think it would be awesome to secretly be your cock slave and have you order me to suck your cock and bend over take it up the ass whenever you tell me! I'm certain you'll enjoy doing things to me with your cock! So after all I really do want this, Pete. You'll shake your head when you see how much I enjoy your cock! Even if you don't want to do any of that really kinky stuff I will still be perfectly willing to suck your cock every day. Think about it. $10, a nice fresh tea and a blowjob every time you take me to and from work! Wouldn't it be nice to go from wishing your Chinese girlfriend were here to getting your cock sucked by your buddy twice a day? C1330.

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  • Just kill yourself. Slowly and painfully.

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