I Hate My Ungrateful Subscribers on YouTube

You know it really is a lot harder being a Youtuber than it looks when you find yourself making more videos to get more subscribers and yet some people really act like ungrateful selfish brats anytime you make something to please them and they unsub from you because they hate it. Well you know what fuck you, you can go to Hell, I don't want your support anyways you spoiled ungrateful brat. You know I have a life outside of Youtube and shit, I can't fucking make videos every day just to make a bunch of losers who have no videos of their own happy well guess what it would make me happy if your fucking phone or computer explodes and kills you in the explosion. I don't make a new video or live stream my subscribers drop why because my subscribers clearly have no fucking life at all and I wish they would all just end theirs because i'm sick of these losers unsubscribing from me over the dumbest shit because I have a life outside of YouTube, because you don't like my video, you think i'm ignoring you when you keep spamming my chat on the stream, acting entitled, and wanting attention and wanting to be noticed. Well guess what fuck off you want attention so fucking bad then how about I block your annoying dumbass and I hope your house burns down. I do what I want, when I want don't like it fine go fuck yourself and I hope you fail at everything you do in life why don't you go make your own videos instead of constantly annoying the fuck out of me demanding me what to do I demand for you to go kill yourself and go burn in hell you ungrateful, spoiled, lifeless fucktards.

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  • Get over yourself, moron!

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