Weed girl

I'm 18 and smoke a lot of weed. It used to be a once or twice a week thing, but I've been smoking it daily now, even in the mornings. It just calms me down, gets rid of my anxiety, and makes me feel better. Being stoned is my preferred mental state at this point.

The thing is that I don't have a job, so I have no money. I've been fucking guys for weed. It's not a bad trade, imo, and there are three guys in my life that I screw regularly. They are so horny and eager, which I don't quite get, but whatever. I kinda like sex too, it feels nice, but it's not that big of a deal. I just like smoking weed.

My mom found out about all of this when she came home early and I was fucking one of the guys in my bedroom. I had the door locked, so she couldn't open it, but she pretty much realized what we were doing in there. We had also smoked some weed earlier, and she said she could still smell it in the house. She says I need to pull my shit together, but fuck her. I like smoking weed.


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  • You will never grow up and get a job. Most employers drug test, looks like you will be a weed whore until you get tossed out of your moms house. If I was your mom you would be gone already. If you was an adult

  • Can i meet u to help i out funds wise maybe

  • You and your brain fog are obviously all knowing. You whore yourself out for dope. Your mother is spot on you spoiled brat.

  • How old are you?
    And what your name

  • Yeah, I smoke weed, too, but I have a grown up job and pay this thing called rent.

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