Rant on the Foot Commenter

Hey Dickhead yeah i'm talking to you, i'm getting tired of you talking shit about feet on this site. Was your dick kicked so much that you have a disdain for feet? Well fuck you, you homophobic bigot, why are you even on this site and you sure like to come back to respond to every comment because you clearly have no life and like to ruin every confession on this site because you're a dumbfuck with no life.

I bet you're some Trump Supporter who sits in his trailer all day watching Fox News while cooking his meth and having sex with your sister and yet you think the Foot Sniffers are a problem to you and so does the Underwear Models because you're ugly and the only pussy you ever get is grabbing your sister's by her.

I Hope you die of Covid you fucking loser and it would be one less piece of white trash on this planet that no one will miss. In fact I hope you get your dick cut off too so that way you and your sister don't spawn anymore inbred fucks like you.

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  • Hey foot sniffer whats up? Sniff any feet lately?
    Sniff Sniff foot sniffer

  • How would you like to have your fucking ankles broken retard boy

  • I told you I already broke both ankles foot sniffer. Which you like to sniff more the shoe or the foot? Keep sniffing foot sniffer sniff sniff.

  • I’m guessing your still pissed off, after catching me fucking your mums sexy ass feet!

  • Sniff sniff

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