My latest boyfriend

I met a man online who was the best looking guy on the site. He told me I was the best looking woman on the site. We are both 10"s, no lie. I have a body like a Playboy bunny, 32DDD boobs, I do Pilates, weights, and walk everyday. He goes to the gym everyday too. Our faces are gorgeous. We are among the best looking people to walk the planet. Just facts. His wife got fat and he did not have sex with her, or any woman for the last 20 yrs. He didn't want his daughter to have a broken home, so he did it for her. He masturbated/slept alone for 20 yrs alone in a separate room. My husband got diabetes, lost the ability to have an erection for the last 15 yrs of our marriage. I did not cheat. I had no fucking for 15 years. 2nd date I went to his house after our first date at a restaurant. I went into his bathroom, put on a silk robe and I had nothing else on. I lit one candle. He came into the room and I opened up and dropped the robe. He screamed, "OMG, you're so fucking hot!" I said, "You can do whatever you want to me." I wanted to fuck him so badly I couldn't wait. We got on his bed. I let him lick me, we used the vibrator on my clit and I came so hard. He entered me and fucked me to the back of my pussy. I could feel his dick swell up big and he moans and says, "Oh, you're going to make me cum." "Cum in me" I tell him. He cums hard and so loud. We had sex 3 times in 10 hours. He told me I broke his record. I came in the morning. He said he loved watching me have pleasure. I sucked his dick and gave him the first blow job he ever had. He told me he wanted to put a baby in me. We fucked for 2 months and he just told me we can't be together because he said I was trying to change him and he couldn't handle me talking about all the other men who want me. He said I was too jealous as he has women friends, just friends, and I did not want him to leave me to go out with them. Why have a girlfriend if you're going to exercise class with some other girl? Go with me. I know he wants me, thinks about me and when you're the best, hottest, sexiest, most gorgeous woman he could have in his bed all for himself why stop "us?" I miss sex with him as I came every single time and he was the best looking man out of all the men I have ever had sex with. I am alone and turning down the other men who want me because he's got such a gorgeous face, body, makes close to a million a year, he's smart, I only want him. I am obsessed with him. He said he was addicted to me and a million men would cut off their left arm to be with me. I said, "Why would you give away the girl a million men would cut their left arm off to be with?" He said I think I told you the reasons. I think he's a loner, and would rather jack off than put it in a warm, tight, willing pussy, beautiful face, hair, eyes, lips, and the sexiest shapeliest body and I love sex and can cum and keep up with any man. I have to cum 3 times a day and I love it. How do I get him back?

4 months ago

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    • He does not want a relationship because of what he has been threw... I'm 31 single , being honest with myself about my sexual desires. You seem too good to chase someone who does not want you. Find a guy like me who is open minded and loves to eat pussy! When I'm in a relationship I go down on my woman at least 2 times daily if not more!

    • You're so perfect you figure it out.

    • You can't. Find a replacement.

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