She wanted to see what would happen

We were staying in a fairly large hotel and she wanted to see what would happen if someone saw her naked, the hotel was in the city where what happens there stays there. She took off her clothes and we moved a chair so it was facing the door but well inside the room. She looked at me as I was holding onto the door knob then told me to do it. I opened up the door and put down a stopper then went over and sat on the bed towards the wall.
She let out a small laugh and looked at me with a big smile, she said some guy just walked by and glanced in but did not stop. He came back like thirty seconds later and I heard her say, he is coming in the door in a long slow voice. I waited for him to come past the corner but he was just standing in there looking at her then I heard him ask if he could close the door. I heard it shut and then he finally came into view, he was staring at her so intensely he did not even look over at me. He stared for a few more seconds then asked her if he could touch her, I would say he was in his late forties and completely out of shape. When she told him yes the first thing he did was kneel down on the floor which surprised me then I saw his head go lower. He picked up one of her feet and began caressing it. She let him have it and I watched his fingers trace the inside of it all the way down to her pussy. She put both her legs over the arm rests and slid her ass to the edge of the chair, I watched his head go lower and saw the back of it moving around in circles. She looked right at me with her mouth and eyes wide open, his half bald head moving around while his tongue was enjoying her.
Quite some time later, like twenty minutes or so, he was still licking her and she was having her second moaning orgasm then after her third he sat up. He had never even looked over at me the whole time so far as he licked her and caressed her nipples with his fingers. He was staring up at her and I heard him ask her if there was any way she would let him do more with her. She looked over at me and shrugged asking what do you think?
He turned his head and I thought he was going to have a heart attack, his eyes were wide as hell and he let out a shout saying Oh shit!!
I asked him if he was clean and STD free and she gave me a look so I added that he had to wear a condom also. He was so excited I thought he was going to let it go in his pants. It took him a few minutes but soon he was kneeling back on the floor and his hard dick was trying to enter her. She stopped him for a second and said let's try something different. She turned around and got on her knees then he started doing it again and managed to get it into her this time. She let out a few moans of pleasure but I was not totally sure she was enjoying this a lot and after about five minutes he pulled out and just jacked himself into the condom. He told us thank you about five times as he got dressed and as he was leaving he asks us if we are going to do this again tomorrow. She answered back that we were leaving in the morning.
The door closed and she jumped up on the bed laughing, she started asking me all these questions about how I liked doing that and wow was that guy large, not in the cock department but she said it was a turn off feeling his belly rubbing on her while he tried to get it into her. I told her it was fun to do and for the first time it worked out pretty good.

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  • Yeah my wife used to be a bit of an exhibitionist in her mid 20's. Before we got married we had fun with it too. Normally she'd be the first to get her boobs out on the beach even with family around but when we started going away alone together I dared her to do more. We travelled to Greece and found a secluded spot of beach. She got her boobs out and I said why stop there. So after 10 mins of convincing she untied her bikini bottoms and took them off. She managed to do this in a few other beaches. I later told her that at one of the beaches a few teenage guys were spying but she just laughed off.
    I thought she'd slow down after marriage and once in her 30's but she's gotten dirtier,now she enjoys sex outside.

  • I love watching my wife get eaten and fucked by another guy.

  • Does your wife have a hairy pussy

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