Tricked my girlfriend

My girlfriend at the time was really into going to tanning booths, she looked fantastic and had a really great tan all the time. She forgot her tanning googles one time and did not realize what it would do to her eyes and she ended up having to wear eye patches and get treatments for about four days. I picked her up for a date and her mom told me all about it while I was waiting for her to get ready. I did not really have any plans because it was not like we could go out and do much given her condition. She just wanted out of the house and away for a while, we went back to my place and just talked for a bit and a few of my friends stopped by for a few hours. She leaned over and whispered in my ear that she was pretty much wanted sex tonight so maybe I could get my friends to leave, for some reason I got this really crazy idea and I told her that I would be back in a minute as I walked them out. I asked them if they wanted to see her naked because as soon as you guys were ready to leave she is ready for sex. So I told them to wait in the spare bedroom and when I get her into my bedroom I will leave the door open and get her naked then ask her to start giving me a blow job. This would have her naked with her ass towards the door. One of my friends told me it sounded awesome but he had to go and the other one hung around and went to the bedroom. It worked out pretty good because she heard the other friends car start up and leave so as soon as she thought we were alone her sex switch turned on and she was all over me. I started lifting off her top and getting her naked while my friend was standing at the hallway entrance staring out into the living room. This was working out pretty good as I had her naked and was just still kissing her while I ran my hands over her. I told her lets move back to the bedroom and she was all for it. I stood her up and guided her back towards the bedroom staring right at my friend who tip toed it to the spare room doorway. I stopped in the hallway and had her in front of me with my hands cupping her breasts and playing with her nipples. I winked at him and had her breasts pointed right at him not a foot from him. I was running her nipples thru my fingers and he finally got the hint and brought his fingers up to them. I pulled mine away and he began doing the same thing to them while she moaned and stood there.
I turned her towards my bedroom and got naked myself and talked her right in to sucking me and just like I planned her ass was facing the door. My friend quietly got down on the floor and crept up to the foot of the bed looking right at her pussy just a few feet away. Her feet were inches from the foot of the bed and his face was just beyond them. He got brave a few times and got a closer look so I just kept watching as she sucked away on me while he watched her ass moving around.
I decided after a few minutes that a sixty nine would be fun so I asked her to lay down and I would be on top, I looked at my friend as I was licking her pussy and motioned him to bring his hand up. I ran my fingers down the outside of her lips and spread her out rubbing her clit with a finger. I pulled my finger aside and gave him a nod and he slid his hand up there and began rubbing her clit. He was rubbing away and had his mouth open just checking out her pussy, I let him rub it for a minute then motioned him to pull away while I licked her some more, I kept doing that as she was getting turned on more and more. He had played with her pussy five or six times and he gave me a thumbs up and walked out slowly. I went to town on her after that and gave her several orgasms and a great time on my cock. She never knew what happened but told me it was such a wild time being blind the whole time, like she was in total pitch blackness not knowing what would happen next.
When I ran into my friend the next day he told me what a lucky guy I was to have a such a hot girlfriend.

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