Growing up with a hot sister

My sister still is a really beautiful woman who is on husband number three, she was so gorgeous growing up that I beat off to the sight of her panty covered ass walking around the house all the time. She would wear a t-shirt and panties most of the morning while she was waking up, nipples bouncing around and half of her ass cheeks hanging out while she watched tv for a few hours eating breakfast.
One day during summer vacation she saw me staring at her for sure because she quickly asked me why I was staring at her boobs, I am two years younger than she is so that difference worked great in my favor as she matured. I looked at her face and just had no idea what to say so I just told her the truth she just shrugged it off and told me fair enough.
I guess it was a few days later she walked down the stairs which I always looked forward to so I could watch her boobs bounce around all over the place. She was wearing this super thin t-shirt and I could see the color of her nipples thru it, it barely went down past her underwear which was also quite thin. I could see the line of her ass cheeks thru the fabric and tried my best not to stare but the little smile on her face told me that she was doing all of this on purpose.
She grabbed something to eat in the kitchen then walked right over and sat in front of me asking what I was up to today. Her boobs staring at me like two red eyes thru the shirt, I think I stuttered out something while she kept moving her shoulders making them move around. She then just blatantly asked me how I liked her shirt and I told her it was great, she then asked me if I wanted to see them. I was not sure how to answer her because it sounded like a trick question, she then told me to come on upstairs and I watched her panty covered ass move back and forth all the way up.
She went to her room and turned around then like something out of a dream her shirt went right up and off onto the floor, I was staring at her boobs like they were gold because at that time in my life they were gold.
I know I had nothing to say as my eyes stayed glued to her nipples then like someone talking to me in a dream she told me to go ahead and touch them. I slowly reached upwards then my fingers touched her soft skin and as I ran them around her nipples she asked me what I thought about them. I think I told her they were beautiful and this was the best day of my whole life. I played with them for several minutes then just when I thought nothing could be better she told me to hold on a minute, she reached down and slid her panties down then kicked them off with her feet. She then laid down on her bed and spread her legs out fairly wide, she told me I could touch and look at whatever I wanted to and I think I stopped breathing for a minute while my eyes focused on her perfect pink skin.
She had very little pubic hair which I found confusing thinking maybe girls just did not have as much as guys, I learned later that she shaved and trimmed. Once again after several minutes of touching and gasping she looked right at me and using her fingers to spread her lips out some told me to lick her right there over and over. I leaned down and licked her a few times then with a lot of coaching and some more finger pointing she showed me her clit and told me what to do to it. I had already cum in my underwear just from all the excitement as I began licking and licking on it until she was moaning out and clamping her thighs around my ears. She pulled my hair back and told me to stop for a minute, she was soaked and so was my face as I stared at her wet pink lips knowing I had just found the greatest tasting thing on earth.
She told me after several minutes that I could do some more if I wanted to and I know sooner started licking her again and she was moaning out and gasping from the stimulation, she finally settled down and like twenty minutes later she had another moaning thigh squeezing orgasm all over my face. She was breathing really hard and told me that she could not take anymore today but I was really great at doing it. I was still on cloud nine as I looked up her body at her boobs and wet pussy, she told me I needed to go take a shower and wash my face really good.
We did this several times over the next few weeks and each time was such a huge turn on for me with my cock getting hard as ever and most of the time I came in my underwear while licking and fingering her to orgasms. One day she called me into her room though and when I walked in she was kneeling on the floor, she still had on her clothes and I stood there for a second and asked her what was up. She smiled at me and told me come over to her so I did, she reached up and undid my pants dropping them and my underwear to the floor. She started stroking my cock with her fingers then as I stood there staring down at her she started licking and sucking on my head and I thought I was going to have a heart attack. I came in like two minutes from all the excitement and she was laughing afterwards and told me that my orgasm face was hilarious. I asked her about seeing her naked and she told me that she could not do it for the next few days as she was having her period. So that is how we played thru most summers until she was like nineteen years old and off to college moving out for good for her junior year.

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