My wife got turned on watching a movie.

Did you ever see the movie The Generals Daughter?
I was watching it with my wife a few years after we were married and neither one of us had a clue what it was about then the next thing we see is the woman getting staked down spread eagle and raped. My wife was moving around a bit and her eyes were staring at the tv, I told her we could turn it off and she just kept staring and told me no it was okay. The scene ended and she told me we had to find a remote area to do that to her, I was really surprised to hear her say that and I told her we could do it on the bed. She told me it would not be the same at all so the search began for a remote place to camp and tie her up to four stakes.
We finally found a spot to do it and planned a weekend of camping and sex, I set the stakes in the ground and she laid down while I tied her spread out. She was so turned on I could see her moving her hips around getting herself more turned on, I cut away her clothes and she was moaning as I did it. When I finally made my way down to her pussy she was already wet as hell and moaned out loudly when my tongue dug into her. I was trying to be rough but not to rough as I groped her boobs and sucked on her pussy.
When I was all done I reached over to untie her ankle but she told me to leave her tied up for a bit, I was thinking that there was no way anyone would stumble upon her so I went back to the tent to grab some water for both of us. When I was walking back I could see deer flies flying around her and landing on her, she would wiggle around some but they were surely biting her skin. I watched from a little bit away as at least a dozen of them were landing on her and some were right on her pussy but she was not calling out for me at all.
I walked up to her and held the water bottle next to her lips and asked if she was ready to be untied yet. She told me no and then wanted me to play with her rough again, I started rubbing my hands all over her body and groping her pretty hard listening to her moan out some. The deer flies were still landing on her and biting her and I was amazed she was putting up with it. I began rubbing her clit pretty hard and gave her another orgasm, she told me after that she was done for today so I untied her. We walked back to the tent and she told me that was intense but she loved it. We had some dinner and a campfire then went into the tent for sleeping I thought, she took off her clothes and got on top of me, she was so horny that whole weekend and I tied her up three times treating her pretty rough sexually and her body had little red welts on it from the flies. It was a strange weekend of wild sex but she told me when we were going home that she had an amazing time.

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