The Fat Family

I live across the street from the fattest family ever. These people eat so much they cant even afford cable. Two big fat adults, and two sinfully ugly fat girls. And on top of that, they're stupid lowlifes as well. They have the only basketball hoop at the foot of their driveway in the whole neighborhood. They put it up about 5 years ago to attract boys for the little fat girls, but it didnt work.
Now one has graduated from high school, and is a McDonalds major, and the other one is getting huger by the day. But the Basketball hoop remains. They must've put too much concrete to set it, now it'll be there until future archeologists find and wonder who'd be stupid enough to mount something so permanently.
I was just watching "alien" , and i wondered if that alien goop would disintegrate concrete as well as solid steel. If it would, I'd send one over there to loosen it up a bit. But the alien mutants they would spawn would probably be even fatter.
So Fuck that idea.
One day last week, I saw smoke coming from the back of the house, and thought it was on fire,,, but , alas, it was just their grill as they were preparing even more food to get even fatter with.

They need to lose weight, take down the basketball hoop, and then move. Fuckers.

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  • You need to quit molesting their children.

  • You are one yourself

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