Fat Neighbor Jelly Belly Smelly Kelly

I'm angry at fat people who come to my home and ruin my furniture. One fat-assed whore sat on my wooden glider rocker and now it has a permanent squeak! Thanks alot jelly belly smelly Kelly. I can understand why the airlines charge your big bertha asses for two seats, you ruin the cushions forever. Someone needs to start a BIG ASS FURNITURE business. Next time one of you fat ass whores waddles up to my door all out of breath, I'm gonna yell sorry we gave at the food bank.

This bitch actually thinks she can lean up against my kitchen counter, whoah there Shamu, you're wrecking my fucking house. You fuck up my toilet seats and use half a roll of toilet paper to wipe that ass that's as wide as the spread of an eagles wings. I don't ever wanna hear "I really don't eat that much", mother fucker you ate my husbands dinner, a whole fuckin chicken as a snack. Then at Thanksgiving you have the nerve to burst out crying because somebody says do we have any rolls and everyone looks at you.

Then you wear a bikini which should be outlawed and have the nerve to do a cannonball in our swimming pool. Bitch we had to pay for the water you just tsunami'd all over the neighborhood and our 8 foot deep pool is now 5 foot deep.

Fat people really piss me off, I hope you see this Kelly!

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  • Quit molesting children!!

  • What does this story half to do with molesting children unless you are one yourself

  • Nice attempt at evasion, pedo puke!

  • It's not evasion since you wrote the same comment in the last post about a fat family and this post doesn't involve Children and the only Pedo I see is your retarded ass.

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