Want Her To Grow Massive and Helpless & Rely On Me

My aunt is chubby already, but I want her to grow enormously fat, like those people on My 600lb Life.

I want her to get so fat that she has to rely on me (or someone else) and becomes extremely lazy, gluttonous, and tired at the simplest motion. Then, once she's massive, immobile, and addicted to food, I'll leave her alone to try and fend for herself. See how she likes feeling helpless.

She had said that she was going to help me escape a toxic situation with a b i t c h narcissist, but then left me to rot, and my mental health suffered greatly. I thought I could rely on her, but I guess not.

Any tips on how to go about this? Anyone know how to either hook her up with a feeder, or get her to befriend some other women that'll be very persuasive to enable and encourage her to eat and gorge and stuff herself into getting fatter and fatter?

1 month ago

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    • Here's a tip : Grow the fuck up and take responsibility for your own life.

    • I have, thank you very fucking much. I just want to get back at her

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