Why can't guys wear women's clothes???

I've always wondered why men can't wear women's things. They wear our clothes all the time and no one ever gives them a second look. I've been in love with women's clothes ever since I was 16 years old. I love wearing high heels, but people would look at me real funny if I went out in public like that. And I love, love wearing mini-skirts but they don't make them for guys. Why can't men wear all the pretty colors that women wear?? I love to wear red high heels, and white ones too, and pink ones and yellow and lavender and all the other colors that guys aren't supposed to be wearing. The first time I saw myself in a tight body shaper I almost had a nut. I looked so amazing. I couldn't wait to get the rest of my clothes on to finish the look. I only had one problem. My dick was too big. It was about 9.5 inches long and stood out in every outfit I wore. My dick was always hard when I dressed up and I had so much trouble hiding it. After a while I did learn a few tricks to help hide it better. The right body shaper helped a lot too. My second problem was I didn't know anyone else who felt like I felt about wearing women's clothes. I couldn't tell anyone. I didn't know any sissys. And I was too shy to go to a gay bar or an area where gays hung out. I just felt so alone.

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