Panty fetish

I love to wear panties and was able to share my desire with my wife. She supports my fetish and I now wear panties 24/7. I have thrown out all my male underwear and replaced them with panties. I don’t care what anyone thinks about men wearing panties as they make me feel great. I am so happy and take pride in wearing panties.

1 month ago

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    • I have collected more than 60 used panties from our community launderette - my target is now 100 by the end of this year!

    • Enjoy your panties fetish it will get better

    • I will and it has been better . Just wore them for a doctor visit and the nurse commented on how cute my panties were . I was so excited!

    • I to love wearing panties but my wife won't stand for it she says i look better in them then she does any help in talking to her about this???

    • Same thing here I’ll have to find a friend that does south of atl

    • I just had an honest conversation about my fetish and explained how most men who have this intimate desire are not gay and become more connected when sharing and accepting this desire. I am so great full for her acceptance. It’s not a competition. This is not uncommon there are many men who have a panty fetish.

    • I just wish my wife would understand. I not gay i just like the look and feel of them

    • Sorry she won’t accept panties are made of more comfortable fabrics and the feel so good . I lived many years before coming out and it is so much better now.

    • My wife also loves my pantie fetish.
      When I first confessed to her she hated
      To see me in panties.
      But now she willingly joins in and when buying two pairs of the same panties and the assistant says there's two different sizes in her basket she will say one of pair is for my husband.
      She has thrown out all my male underwear and will put out panties to match what she is wearing that day.
      At the weekend I get to choose our panties.
      Some people will think this strange but it works for us.

    • You have a open minded wife ! Us men need to have a wife just like yours !
      Woman’s panties at the felling on our body’s! The more sexy they are the better we feel wairing they the more sexy we feel ! Me personally I like to put on a nice pair of red silk g string panties !

    • I totally agree with you.
      I'm very lucky to have an understanding wife.
      There is no better feeling than putting on a sexy Tanga in black or red lace and looking across at my wife and seeing her in the same.
      This gives me a instant hard on.
      We will often end up fucking and she will go to work with her pussy and panties full of spunk.

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