Twine affair

As twin bro we have always shared bed till our early 20s until we went to different colleges to study. In those days we explored each others body, slept naked, watched various types of porn and even fucked the same homeless mid-aged women couple of times in their all holes. But in teen years we had deep gay sessions - kissing, mutual masturbation, ass fucking etc. We enjoyed a lot our intimacy but the best was 69ing - sucking each others cock and in that position we used to push lubed dildo in our ass holes. Hitting the prostrate glands we used to come almost at the same time! Now in our older years we still wish to have those times together ....


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  • I was the secret cute little prepubescent boy bottom to one of my mom's best friend's twin boys. They both were very good looking and the one who was my best friend had fine and delicate features like me. I'd been secretly submitting to him since I was nine years old and him, fourteen. Unbeknown to me his twin (not identical) had discovered the secret emails that I shared with my teen lover. Everything from cute selfies of me in my boy's underpants to seductive poses in one of my sister's assortment of lace panties.
    The next time they came to visit I was two months shy of my thirteenth birthday, still smooth but starting puberty. Barry the more masculine of the twins slipped into my bed in the dark. I was so excited thinking it was Benjie I excitedly removed my white cotton boy's underpants in anticipation of Benjie's warmly smooth boy's flesh on top of me with his puff of pubic hair atop of his boyishly cute penis nesting with my quivering well shaped fleshy twelve year old boypussy's cheeks. Instead I was mounted and forcefucked by the coarse haired thickly veined cock of Barry's! My smooth fleshed cheeks chafed by his coarse hair while his thick cock stretched me to my limits. His large balls pushed against my tight scrotum and widened my thin smooth gangly legs and it happened. His thick headed cock bounced off the tight acorn nut of a my young boy's prostate sending me into spasms as a pool of thick warm cum gushing out of my hairless pubescent little penis. Benjie's twink of penis was too small to hit the spot like Barry's.


  • Twine the web site or the rope. Hope it is the rope you use to hang yourself with. Fucking faggot!! Fake incest propaganda

  • You jealous pedo!

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