I love a woman that wears sexy lingerie. I love black thigh highs and high heels. This really turns me on and live when they wear it to bed. I was wondering if any woman out there enjoy wearing sexy lingerie under their dresses or to work. I like to hear back from u. Do u feel sexy when u wear sexy lingerie or is it uncomfortable. I like to know

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  • I love the thought of a man wondering what I'm wearing beneath my floaty dress. I have long legs and wear my dresses and skirts above my knees which are very shapely and of course high heels. I always wear lingerie which matches in colour and is either silk or nylon because it feels sensual against my skin!! I like white, pink or black lingerie and buy my French knickers from the internet. I prefer French knickers because it allows my vagina to feel fresh when there is a breeze. I love to wear silky stockings with suspenders and have a fabulous collection of vintage lacy silky slips.
    Yes, of course it feels sexy and sensual and added to that I sometimes wear a small vibrator in my vagina when I feel naughty. I was in a store the other day when it brought me to an orgasm and the staff thought I was having a fit!!!
    Please carry on thinking about what some of us are wearing, you naughty boy, and tell me about what you would like to do to me if you were my lover, I'm 32 years old.

    Lingerie lover.

  • Wow you're the type of women I love. U sound like very hot and take care of your self. I would like to to take u out for dinner. I like u to wear a black short dress with black thigh highs with the seam up the back and no panties or bra. Must wear black heels. After dinner on the way home, I start sliding my hand up your dress. U open your legs and lift your skirt up. I start to finger your wet pussy. U reach into your purse and take out your vibratory and rubbing your clit. My cock is so hard can't wait to get home. When we get home we have some drinks and I tell u to take your skirt off. I was checking out those long legs with your heels on. I bring u into the bedroom and start kissing your neck and breast and work my way to your sweet smelling pussy. I'm sucking and licking your clit. Then I turn u over and start lick that beautiful ass. U tell me to lick your asshole. I start sticking my tongue in and out of your asshole. Your going crazy u love it. U lift your ass up and I slide my cock in that tight pussy. I put u on your knees doggy style and grab your hips and I start pounding u really hard and fast. I'm slapping your ass. Then u tell me u want that cock up your ass. So I lick your asshole and get it nice and wet and u grabbed my fat cock and stuck it in your ass. You were moaning and told me to cum in your asshole. I was fucking your ass hard and deep until I came. Did u like that. Let me know

  • .You naughty boy!!!!! All those wild thoughts and even thoughts of fucking my bottom, you bad boy. Well, I've just got up from a good nights sleep and I'd thought I'd look to see if anyone had replied and you had, you naughty boy.

    I'm sitting here at my computer dressed in a white silk negligee and no knickers, but I have my naughty boy vibrator playing with my clitoris. He is big and pink, with a huge head, big testicles and ten speeds. On eight to number ten he is quite unmanageable, no man could perform like that and last, he has me screaming. I'm inserting him now!!!!!!!!!!! I love him, I love him, OH!! he's fucking me!!!!!!!!

  • U got me hard

  • Oh that's hot I would love to see u masturbate. I would take out my cock and jerk off for you. I would like to fuck your ass while u have the dildo in your pussy so I could feel it vibrate on my cock.


  • Would love to see you walking around the house with black thigh highs with the seams and high heels and nothing else. Love long legs and a nice ass which u must have. I would do to u whatever you want. I like to role play and act out a fantasy. I've been waiting for u to respond.

  • OOOOOHHHH! you naughty man, we, I would wear dark stockings and black satin suspenders, black satin bra and black silk French knickers all matching to go with my black high heels!! Would you like that my darling, would that turn you on and make your penis erect?
    Tell me about yourself and your fantasy and when I read your reply I will insert Naughty Boy into my vagina and see how many orgasms I can get.

  • Yes, that would turn me on. My fantasy is to see you dressed up just the way you described. Like to pretend I pick u up at a bar and take you home and take your skirt off. I want your lingerie on. I want to lie u on the bed and spread your legs open and start licking your clit. I want to bring your knees to your chest and lick you all the way to your asshole. Then I want u to lie on your stomach and start licking your thighs and long legs them I would take your heels off and lick and suck your toes. Then I went to get you on all fours and lick your pussy and asshole from behind. Then I want to ram my hard cock in your pussy while I pull your hair. Then I want you to put your heels on and bend over as I pound you sweet right asshole. Then I want you to suck my cock while you're on your knees and cum all over pretty face.

    Tell me your fantasy naughty girl. Don't be shy I could be really kinky but I'm not sure what your into lingerie lady.

  • You are a really naughty boy aren't you!!!
    Well, you will be disappointed I think, because Although I like dressing to please and flirt with handsome men, particularly older men (not geriatrics!!!) because they take their time and appreciate sensuality. Yes I love my vibrators, they give me pleasure whenever I want it as I have a high sex drive.
    I live my fantasy by wearing a small vibrator in my vagina when I go out and can bring myself to orgasm wherever and whenever I want. Its wild!!!!!!! To stand there in a queue with people around or sit in a bar and come to an orgasm with people watching!!!!!!!

  • I’m 51 lady lingerie

  • Describe yourself to me you naughty boy, right down to the size of your erection and testicles!!!! I would like to "get off" thinking about you!!

  • Send me your email ill send you pics

  • Lingerie lady are you into a threesome, bondage, girl on girl or strap on. I know you like vibrators. Have you ever used a vibrator on your man.while sucking him? Do you like to have sex in public?

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