Found out about grandma and grandpa

After my grandparents had died, I found a box of 8mm films in the closet. I kept them for some years, as I didn't have a projector. I found one at a yard sale this summer, and watched the films. They showed grandma having sex with other men, and grandpa sucking men off and having anal sex done to him. I was totally disgusted, but I have kept the videos, and find myself watching them again and again. They are my go-to entertainment when I jack off. I have wondered if mom and dad did any of the same things, and I find myself thinking more and more of sucking another man, and wishing my grandpa and I had sucked each other.

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  • My grandma is 56, but she teaches aerobics classes and looks like 15 years younger. I was straddling her ass massaging her back feeling the sides of her tits in the process. She raised up on her elbows so I could feel them completely. I slid my hands under her shirt and started playing with her bare tits twisting her nipples. I started kissing the side of her neck when she told me to fuck her. Her pussy was tight!!


  • Sounds like they had fun!

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