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When I was in high school, we had co-ed swimming class. I was a tall and skinny dude, so I was a little nervous the first time we had to go out there in front of the girls. I didn't really like the boy's phy ed teacher. we used have to strip and line up for him to give us what he felt was the appropriate size suit. well, he always eyed my naked body, gave me a "small" nylon brief with no lining. I'd go out there with everything outlined and the material was stretch so tight, it was transparent.
the girls would whisper to each other, looking, snickering . I figured it was because i was so tall and skinny.
Twice a week, I'd go there. some of hot girls would stare at at me and smile.
Finally a friend of mine, Renee, said, "You know that swimsuit is tight, we can see your big dick, and we're trying to guess how big it is. We're not laughing. we're just getting horny." I felt relieved. I guess I never would've considered me big. 6 or 7 girls came up to in the pool and asked if they could feel it. I said sure. a couple actually pulled my dick out and stroked it

I didn't complain.



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  • Some of those girls will fuck you.

  • You are a sick fucking pedo. May a bullet find your brain sick fuck.

  • Dream on jerk

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