I want to impregnate my much-younger female friend

I'm in my 40s, but most of my friends are 10-20 years younger than me. One of my friends is currently in her mid-20s. We dated briefly when she was 18 and I was in my 30s. Just a few months of casual dating with some light fooling around. Since then we've stayed friends, but we're both very flirty around each other, even though we're both married now to age-appropriate spouses. She's always flashing her tits at me and letting me touch them. Once when we were both very drunk, she took off all her clothes and let me suck her tits and finger her. I want more than that. I want to fuck her. I want to fuck her and get her pregnant, and then let her husband raise my child. I want to have multiple children with her and never let anyone know who their real father is.

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    • Your dick stinks

    • My husband set me up with our neighbors son who's 17 and I am only a few years older than he is 23 it was suppose to be a one time thing but little does my husband know I have been getting fucked by him and his three friends almost daily for up to 6 hours at a time while my husband is at work.

      You ever have 4 Blacks running a train on you? God it's outta this world each one cumming in you unprotected several times during the sessions.
      Lately it's been doubled but it's hard blowing one while you're getting pounded hard by another. God all of them are over 9 inches two over 11 and I get stretched beyond belief especially when they unload into me and they try to put every bit of themselves in me. GOD I LOVE IT. I know one day we're gonna get caught but he started it all. Gerald our neighbor yesterday no sooner snuck out the side door when my husband came in the front way and I was in the shower thankfully he didn't see their cum running down the insides of my legs out of my pussy and ass.

    • Yeah, thats a real turn on 4 me 2. i go on tinder and when i get to be with a tourist, i pull the condom off and just shoot away. theyre all drunk as fuck, when we go back home from the bar, so none ever noticed. but its always a thrill not to know if shes gonna freak, or get pregnant :D.

      i fear STDs though.
      i try to sort my pray carefully, but i also get testet after every encounter and nothing so far, thank god :)...

    • Lol ur a dick

    • Great idea, hope you get your wish

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