I want to have a guy fuck my face and talk dirty to me while his dog ducks me from behind. Preferably outside, in full view from the road would be hot.

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  • My husband does not fuck me. I am looking for sex chat. Chat with me now:


  • When I was 10 a boy who was 14 had been fucking me for most of the summer and shared me with his friends. It was one of his friends who thought it would be funny to get his dog to fuck me. It wasn't funny at all...

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  • I was in his basement in only my underpants after having sex with my friend and two other boys who were mainly just his friends. My friend's dog kept smelling me, chewing and biting my underpants. He grabbed the back of my underpants and was shaking his head really fast back and forth and they ripped. All the guys were laughing so hard and Willie one of them said that Jack the dog wants some boy ass too. They made me bend over the big bean bag chair and Jack kept ripping my underpants and licking my butt. Jack got like on top of me from behind and kept bouncing his penis which was pointed, red, slimy and real long against my butt cheeks poking all around like till it was like inside me all of a sudden. Jack kept bouncing really fast and pushing further into my butt and it really wasn't hurting me at all till all of a sudden his penis started getting bigger and bigger inside of me and when Jack was bouncing it was hurting. Sperm kept coming into me, I could feel it and Jack was stuck there for a half hour at the least.

  • Liar.

  • No I'm not a liar!

  • How does a dog duck you from behind?

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