Bra fitting

I want to go to a store and get a bra fitting
I am a 50 year old man and I have called two
stores that will do fittings for men should I
do this what do you think. I am nervous about
doing this and would like to know if any one
has ever done this. I don't need a bra but would
like to try this

2 months ago

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    • Yes yes go a head and do it i go to the undies section in store ask the lady nylon slip full nylon panty and can i try these on yes over there its a buzz and turn on knowing she knows that the nylon undies slip are for you great feeling when you do this go ahead and see

    • Where do you go to try things on? Have you had a woman help you with the fitting.

    • Hi i dont know where you are we have a store here best for less clothing store big range bras and women's under wear you can also get a big range of other clothing in store help with trying on nylon undies black nylon slips panty girdle yes i have had help with all these things when you go there all the time the girls & women get to know you like i said its a turn on knowing the staff know that what you buy its for your self dont be shy do it and see

    • I think i might try a slip of girdle with the bra

    • Pretty much all stores with women inmates will cater to men because there money is also green! Find a store around you and if concerned about it call them and ask for their transgender policies! But as I said no monkey business! It will not be tolerated!

    • My friends wife worked at JcPenny and was a bra fitter. She told us a lot of men come for women undergarments for themselves! She has treated them with respect and even fitted men for bras. They are happy to help you but will not tolerate any sexual activity at all! If you want to be fitted and that turns you on then do jerk off before you go. If they see you are aroused they ask you to leave! If you do something stupid then the police will be called! Thats it so go if you want!

    • Thanks for the feedback I called Jc Penny's and they don't do it anymore.
      I do think I will go through with having a fitting.

    • Men get something called gynecomastia that causes us to grow breasts. As long as you have manboobs they won't find it odd at all. Mine are a nice A or B cup.

    • I am only a A cup now I don't know about growing any bigger. it may be hard to explain if I do. I just like to ware a bra not even sure why

    • Manboobs come with age and weight gain. Now, are your nipples sensitive? If so, a bra will provide protection from chafing. I used to wear pantyhose under wool pants. No more itching!

    • I now use an A-cup but needs a padded ones to add some filling appearance to my boobs.

    • Do you go out in public with your padded bra on ? How do you feel if you do.

    • Yes, but put on a loose shirt ...

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