Unexpected Foursome

My then wife and I were a normal couple. She was a vet and I worked in Administration. My wife had a female friend, Marie who was a little older than us, we were mid 30's she was late 40's and single.
I had a friend Graham, same age as us. Recently split from his wife. Through us Graham and Marie met and got into a relationship.
A couple of years into there relationship they came to our house for a meal. It was Christmas time.
I had always rather fancied Marie and my wife said Marie was somewhat frustrated sexually and was pleased she took up with Graham. Graham had in fact always fancied my wife.
The meal went well and we all had some wine, during conversation Graham mentioned that Marie had told him she always fancied me and my wife said that's not a problem I always fancied you!
Graham then said
"We could always swop partners sometime!"
It went quiet. My wife asked Marie how she would feel about that,
"Give it ago, if your hubby is up for it"
Everyone looked at me, I fancied Marie and said yes.
There was then an awkward silence.
"If we do it" my wife said "You could with Marie to the spare room and I can take Graham to our room"
"I would rather we kept together" Said Graham
"What do it here together, same room?"
"No secrets then" replied Graham.
The next bit was again awkward, how do you start, Graham moved and sat next to my wife on one of the sofa's I moved over to Marie on the other.
The Graham started feeling my wife's Breast, I did the same with Marie and before very long clothes were off and we were at it. I was right to fancy Marie she was as horny as anything, took an long time to orgasm but very loud when she did. I was cumming and pulled out shooting my load on Maries tits and belly, Graham was still pounding my Wife who had cum two or three times, then he too pulled out and splashed his semen over her.
We all then took turns cleaning up in the bathroom.
We never did it again although we said we would, except for one evening Marie and my wife were discussing how quickly men can cum.
So a competition was held.
Marie masturbated me and my Wife masturbated Graham, the winner being the girls who got her man to cum first.
Graham blew his load first and I followed seconds after.
Good fun but never happened again.


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  • In a foursome, everyone gets connected. You had a parallel twosome.

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