Best friend came on to me while drunk

I was out with friend over the weekend, and she was very drunk, i had to practically carry her home. She stayed at mine as she always does after a night out as it's closer. She was very chatty drunk, and out of nowhere tells me she's bi, and fancied me forever. Shortly after that she fell asleep, but i was so shocked. In the morning i wasn't sure she would remember, and didn't want it to be awkward, but she said nothing.
I don't know what to do. We have been friends since we were 6, and she has never shown any interest in girls.
I would call myself straight but when I was 13 or 14 i had a girl crush on my friend. I'm over it now, but maybe she felt the same at the time and still does.
Please any advice?

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  • Guess who told me she wouldn't mind trying bdsm sometime? You think you know somone

  • OH Darling that is just fantastic you will both have such a great time, my girlfriend and I have both had our labia's pierced on each side and have a small silver padlock through them we hold each others keys a lot better than having a ring on a finger, maybe you should think seriously about that.
    Keep things going love xxx

  • I've gone and done it, popped my lesbian cherry lol.
    Amy was round last night, set to stay the night, and the sexual tension was strong. When we went up to the bedroom she was all over me, and i was all over her, awkwardly pulling each others clothes off. We both smiled a little when we got down to underwear and we'd both put our best sexy knickers on. We stripped naked and she threw her arms round me and i placed mine on her cute little bum. We passionately kissed and embraced, then i broke away from her soft lips and started kissing her beautiful neck. She tipped her he'd to one side and started breathing quite heavily. I moved to her collar bone and down to her breasts, after using my tongue to play with her nipples i headed south, over her tummy to her pussy. It was freshly shaved beautifully smooth and oh so lickable. I flicked my tongue in and out of her till she had a powerful orgasm.
    She pulled me up, kissed me and pulled me down on the bed. In one move she pinned me down and straddled me, and started grinding on my mound. It really stimulated me, and i could feel how wet she was. She reached behind and helped me to orgasm, while i held her hips.
    Possibly the best sex i ever had, and we slept naked and embraced. In the morning i was woken by a kiss, and a finger slipping in me, we kissed and fingered each other before i got up and made her breakfast in bed.

  • Way to go! Keep up the spicy sex life!

  • Darling my story "Lesbian grooming" is now published I hope you read it get some ideas and comment, hope everything is going great for you. Love you both Helen xxxxx

  • Darling I am so over the moon happy for you I was certain it was going to happen and am so very happy it has, you still need to take things a little slow and become comfortable with each other but the hard stuff is over now you both know you love each other and can play sexually, expand at your pace darling.
    Please read my post when it comes up "Lesbian grooming" I am sure you will get some good ideas and I would love you to comment. Love you both xxxxx Helen

  • Thanks for your help. I think we are slipping right in to a relationship, i feel like we have been a couple for years.
    We had a chat last night, that was hard it instigate, worried it might crush the mood. I asked her what she wanted and she just said me in her life, so i asked her if she identified as a lesbian (that was a nervous question) she said, 'kinda, kinda not' she doesn't reject men, she just wants me.
    I said i always considered myself straight but the last couple of nights has changed that, and i would be happy to be called bisexual.
    I said i didn't know what the future looked like, so please don't tell anyone we are together ( she seemed very pleased with the word together) she said fine, just asked if i was interested in a man, just let her know, which seems fair.
    I know she has been looking for a new place, if this turns in to something i might invite her to live with me.
    Spent quite a bit of time googling lesbian sex, which was amusing, but it's all porn lol. Any tips? Does 'scissoring' work? Lol such an amateur!

  • Your doing great Darling, you will both learn what suits you best so just experiment, yes scissoring will work, try google with something like "making my friend a lesbian lover" or similar xxxxx Helen

  • Another update: We went on our shopping trip and as expected she wanted my opinion on dresses, we spent quite along time in changing rooms slipping in and out of dresses and i made a point of touching her alot (checking fit), and there was alot of smiles from her.
    When we got home she cooked something nice, and it felt kinda coupley, but she didn't make a move, so i began to feel i had imagined it all.
    We watched a bit of TV, then i decided to say, 'lets go to bed', i took her by the hand and we went upstairs. I kept up the physical contact but ultimately she changed in to her PJs and got in to bed. Again i snuggled up with her, and in a last test, i started kissing her neck. She didn't react, so i stopped assuming i had got it wrong, but as soon as i stopped she turned and planted a huge kiss on my lips, i was quite shocked. I was even more surprised when she got on top of me and passionately kissed me over and over. She undid my pj top and started kissing my breasts, and kissed lower and lower. It felt omg amazing, and i could barely control myself as she pulled down the top of my pj shorts and started kissed around my pubic mound.... More to follow

  • Part 2... It was at this point a stopped her, she was well ahead of me, and i needed to think and catch up, it was in this pause she dropped the bombshell. "I love you" I asked what she meant, "as a friend?", "no, I'm in love with you". I didn't know what to say or do, i was in total shock, at this point she resumed where she left off.
    She pulled my pj shorts and knickers off in one go, saying "someone's happy" when she saw my knickers were quite wet, all i could do was smile. She started kissing around my clitoris and then my vulva. She started to use her tongue and i was seriously loosing control, she was all over the place, i assume it was her first time, but she somehow managed to press all my buttons. I experienced an intense orgasm and straight away i pulled her up to me and hugged her so tightly, and we kissed and both cried a little. We didn't say much and fell asleep. In the morning she was all smiles, we didn't talk again, but she acted differently, like we were now in a relationship. We both had things to do so are yet to talk, but i think i might now be in a lesbian couple, and I'm not sure how i feel about that.
    Anyway we now know the truth, and indeed my friend fancies me lol

  • Excellent I am so happy for you, I had a lesbian affair from 17 to 21 when I got married it was great, I still see that girl and often think of rekindling it

  • Darling how are things progressing ?
    I have a fantastic feeling really hope that you are now in a full on Lesbian relationship. xxxxx Helen

  • Your update would indicate to me that she is really ready for some very heavy petting if not full on female to female sex, I am sure you can handle it don't worry about being inexperienced it should not take you long to know what each of you like if you get stuck ask her what she would like you to do.
    Lesbian sex mostly involves mouth, tongue, fingers, dildo's and strapons with a lot of massaging, it is best if you both shave maybe even shower together and shave each other then.

  • Quick update - she wants me to help her dress shopping tomorrow, and then cook for me, with the offer of staying over after some drinks. I think this could be her making a move, i.e, getting up close and personal in shop dressing room, then a private meal (date) then bed. I'm going to dress nicely (best underwear included) be brave, and live the moment.
    Let's see what happens
    Ps. Does anyone know what two women do in bed? Is it all about touching? I kinda know where i am with a cock lol

  • Darling that certainly sounds very promising, I think she wants to get you horny watching her change cloths, first start off by kissing when you meet if not on the lips linger on her cheek and place a little kiss on her nose, cuddle her and pat her bum, hold her hand while you are going shopping, when home going to bed please ensure you stay naked, cuddle and start playing with her tit's particularly nipples then kiss them move your tongue down her belly licking her belly button then move onto her vagina and tongue it, who knows she might instigate the sex. Good on you darling all the best xxxxx

  • Good luck, have fun, be yourself, and keep us posted

  • Helen here darling I did a post Lesbian grooming, when it is listed I hope you read it and comment, you might get some good ideas xx

  • Don't think it got posted, what did you call it?

  • Not yet darling it will come up though "Lesbian grooming" xxxxx

  • So happy for you there is a lot of good advise here for you the main thing is to be patient take things slow and make sure as you progress you don't go backwards meaning when you start lip kissing keep doing it all the time when you start cuddling and playing with her bum keep doing it every time now she has seen you naked ensure you continue to make sure she see's you naked a lot more, don't forget to start holding hands at every opportunity.
    I think she is a little uncertain of coming onto you not wanting to spoil things or scare you off or wanting you to wait and get very horny for her, I can tell your feeling that way but don't rush.
    I am female 28 my husband passed away unexpectedly so because I had a couple of lesbian relationships previously I decided to groom a nice young, shy 19 year old country girl that came to work in my department, she did not know anyone in town so I soon became her best friend and within 6 1/2 months had her as a lover, I even had her pussy lips pierced and have a nice gold heart shaped padlock through them she is very subordinate so I am thinking of having her move into my house' I am thinking of getting her butt tattooed " Helen's girl "
    Keep up the good work Honey, I might even post here about grooming my girl xx

  • Honey just ensure you give her a nice long lip kiss when you meet and pat or play with her bum at the same time, try not to let her get too drunk just merry, when you get into bed if nothing has happened but I think it certainly would have make sure you are naked and cuddle up to her, bet she has eaten you out by tomorrow xxxx

  • You can read what happened in a reply to another comment further down. Not sure what if anything happens next. Can i ask if u are m or f, age, and if you are straight, bi or lesbian (sorry if too personal)

  • Read your reply that is just great things are coming along nicely, female 28 happily married in a relationship with my best girlfriend for ten years both husbands know and understand it is so good

  • You need to kick it off sweetie, just give her a nice lip kiss and pat her bum next time you meet, hold hands when you are walking together, then when you meet or part give her a lingering nice lip kiss and rub a hand or two over her bum, she will certainly start responding don't forget she has already said she wants you, next time she sleeps over ensure you go to bed naked.
    Sweetie you both will have a wonderful time xxxxxx
    Please ensure you let us know how you progress, very interested "kisses"
    I have a fantastic sexual relationship with my best friend it took us a while to get comfortable with it , my husband knows and does not mind she is divorced so things are great.

  • So is your relationship casual? I guess i kinda thought of it ad being in or not being in a relationship. I think of myself as straight, whilst we are single right now, we both usually have boyfriends. I still feel like i want to meet and settle down with a man, but i have never been against girls experimenting with each other, and doing so shouldn't have to stop me looking for that ideal man right?
    We are meeting for drinks after work tonight, and I've said she can stay (doesn't usually mid week). I plan to tempt her to make a move. If she isn't in to me she probably won't notice, but if she is, who knows ;)
    You made some good suggestions, any slightly more subtle?

  • We see each other once or twice a week mostly when my husband is not here but sometimes he is it really does not matter, so you certainly can have a guy as well.
    I think what I suggested is very subtle it just depends on how you pull it off.
    Don't worry about being clumsy with her she will accept that and help you it will not take long before you are both comfortable.
    Please let me know how you go, you will be fine.

  • Hey. So last night was interesting. We went out, had a good time, but i didn't want to do anything around friends in case she was shy. When we got home (not that late) we started to get ready for bed. Usually one of us uses the bathroom, or we face away, but this time i dropped my dress to the floor, pinged my bra off, and whipped my undies off, then very casually looked for my PJs totally naked. I looked up and she was staring at me. She quickly looked away, but i said she didn't have to, we're both women.
    She said 'i wish i had your body' staring at me, and i said 'You can have it whenever you want', she smiled at me, and then i got embarrassed and found some undies and PJs to put on.
    I put on some skimpy silk PJs an ex bf bought me and we got in to bed. I pulled in close to her and we kinda spooned, she pulled my arms round her chest. She said the one thing she missed not having a boyfriend was snuggling in bed, so i said she can always snuggle with me, and she replied 'who needs a boyfriend when I've got you'. We fell asleep and in the morning it was a mad rush for work.
    So whilst nothing happened I am fairly convinced she likes me more than a friend, and i felt such a warm feeling last night i want to explore this. Still very nervous though. Finding my feet.
    Oh BTW i kissed her goodnight (just a peck) ;)

  • Darling your doing everything just perfectly, don't rush things but as you progress keep doing the things you and her like, such as being naked around her and cuddling, start kissing her full on the lips and patting her bum whenever you meet or part plus hold her hand when you are walking there does not have to be others around, I am confident you both want it so go for it slowly xxxx

  • Your really more than ready to start a sexual relationship with her, go for it sweetie or you will forever regret it if you don't, I could almost promise you she wants you to, you both will love it, you can still have boyfriends as well but clearly you would be very selective.

  • Thanks for the advice, can i ask if you are a woman or a man, and your age, just for context?

  • Female 26 married but have had a bi relationship with my best girlfriend for four years

  • Just tell her what she told you the night she was drunk and ask her if she was serious. Then you get to explore the conversation from there.

  • I am a 24 female and it works for me.

  • Hey, thanks, i think you might be right - part of me thinks I'm just putting it off because I'm scared. If things get physical I'm not sure i know what to do. Lol what's it like to have sex with another woman?
    Feels like facing loosing my virginity all over again!
    24 also btw

  • Hi, you want advice, what would you like to do? Sounds like you are open to the idea. Maybe you could give her a little kiss on the lips and see what happens.

  • I want her to be happy and not ruin our friendship. A part of me wonders what could have been and that's what's driving this.

  • It's been a few days now, and another drunken night out. When i saw her dressed up on Saturday night i could not help but think how pretty she was. I don't feel bi or lesbian, but i can't get the idea that she might fancy me out my head, but i am scares to ask her. Laying in bed (with her) on Sunday morning (nothing sexual, just it's a one bed flat) i couldn't help but feel like we would make a great couple, we are so close.
    Talking to her could ruin everything. Intelligent suggestions please.

  • Get your head between her legs and give her a good licking and then you will know if she wants t be a pussy licker or was it the drink talking .

  • Such a guy statement

  • It is important to find out how she tastes. If you enjoy her taste you will want to keep at it.

  • I honestly feel you should pursue this potential relationship.
    My wife has had a lesbian relationship with her best friend for years since they were in high school it is so nice, her husband and I do not interfere they see each other for sex about twice a week usually when we play golf or go to the races, we go away on holidays together and her husband and I have single rooms while they share a double.

  • Is this for real, would that work?

  • Certainly works great for us

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