My Teenage Fantasy

I've never admitted this one to anyone, even my husband...

In my teens I went through a few boyfriends. One lad I was with for six months or so was from a family who were quite well off. Obviously I really fancied my boyfriend but I also had a crush on his dad. He was in his 40s, always smart and well dressed, and was always generous. He paid for me to go abroad with them on holiday, and both he and his wife were ok with me and my boyfriend sleeping together and having sex despite our age. His wife was a bit older I think, but she had an amazing body and they were a really hot older couple.

So I started to fantasize about the father. Started off daydreaming about him leaving his wife and whisking me away in his Mercedes and treating me like a woman. Then it got sexual and I used to masturbate thinking about him. I started imagining it was him when I had sex with my boyfriend. Then I wondered what it would be like to have them both make love to me, one after the other...

I never plucked up the courage to suggest a threesome with my boyfriend, even though I think he knew I fancied his dad. (Imagine that conversation!) More than once I nearly screamed his name when I came. Sometimes I think about them now and imagine the two of them inside me, my ex-boyfriend pounding me hard and fast before his father takes over and makes passionate love to me.

2 months ago

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    • I had a similar fantasy about my ex gf and her sister. They had a pool and in the summer my gf and I would lay around the pool, swim and fool around when no one was home. The times she man her sister would stop by were difficult given I was wearing my swim trunks. My gf was tall, thin and had perky 30B cups. Her sister was 6 years older and was also tall, thin and she definitely got the genes for amazing tits. She had the most incredible 32D tits. When she stopped by I would have to stay in the pool almost the entire time due to me being in my late teens and perpetually horny. When I saw her tits bouncing in her bikini all I wanted to do was titty fuck her while my gf watched.

    • That's really hot! I think it's a common fantasy. My husband told me he used to fancy his girlfriends mums and sisters when he was a teen.

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