Years later I learned that I was a cuckold

I was very attracted to a girl that I met when we were sophomores in college. I asked her out, but she told me that she had a boyfriend. I watched and soon saw the guy that she was dating. He actually lived next door to me in the dorm. Many nights I heard them fucking while I was alone in my bed.
Knowing that the girl that I liked was being fucked several times a week didn't make me want her less but actually made me want her more. About two years later, she broke up with her boyfriend and we started dating. We quickly fucked and got married after graduation more than fifty years ago.
Many years later, I think that knowing that other guys wanted her only made me want her more.

Apr 28


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    • My ex gf was married. She used to go home full of my cum then let her husband fuck her still full of my juices. He loved it. She even video it for me

    • Before we wed my wife gave me a list of the guys she had fucked, and sucked.
      First names only: 34 fucks; 24 sucks.
      Many of these guys - many times over!
      She was sexually active from 23 to 36 when we met.
      Busy little beaver!
      I still get boners thinking about them - they are all around this small town!

    • I guess I was a cuckold for my wife back when we were teenagers and I would give her a ride home from parties were guys had fucked her for the fun of it. She always gave me a kiss on the cheek before she got out of the car. I was so in love with her but she didn't know it. Then we started dating and she still was fucking other guys and I was okay with it. And after we were married she continued like nothing had changed back in the 70s you never heard of a guy being called a cuckold

    • Back then we just called it cheating, because my then GF, never said she was putting her pussy out there for anyone to use. She was smart enough to fuck guys that were as discreet as she was sneaky. Always said I was her first and only. I found out 35 years later when a guy that she had snubbed all those years ago showed me some Polaroids of her getting an effiel tower, we didn't call it that back then.
      Told her what this person said and she got mean and nasty, "they all lie" "why don't you ever believe me".
      The I showed her a copy of the pictures, her mouth dropped open and she ripped them up. Which I said you know they were just copies, then I got tears and remorse.
      Women that were born in the 50 and 60's are all liars

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