I Like Girls that are Too Young

I'm 19 and can occasionally be attracted to girls that are too young for me. I understand that with teenagers there is a bit of a nuance and as soon as you turn 18 a switch doesn't flip and it becomes ok.

Most of the time I just don't lie to myself like many guys do, but sometimes I see a 13 or 14 year old that is so hot. The adorableness of youth and sexiness of womanhood can be a potiant mix. My ex looked so hot when she was 14 with her blonde braids.

The irony is that mifs have been my favorite since I was 12. No, I'm not a pedophile, there is a different name. Either way it doesn't matter because I would never act on any of these attractions. I honestly don't need to control any impulses because I don't have any.

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