I love cuckolding my white guy John

I love cuckolding my guy John. I really do. This may be something that most married women would never consider, much less actually do. But I do, often. In addition to taking care of my wonderful guys sexual needs, I also regularly let other men put their dicks in me — all the way inside of me. And it’s wonderful. I am asian and I want to categorically state that there are no ulterior motives: this has nothing to do with humiliation or “getting even” — nothing to get even about. Besides, I love John. We’ve been happy for nearly 1year and we’re damned good partners who share all responsibilities in an equal manner. In addition, my John is handsome, well-endowed, and sex with him is great and plentiful. But I do cuckold him, about once every two weeks, and I wouldn’t have it any other way.

My guy and I have been together through that time we’ve grown closer emotionally, interest-wise, and in almost all those things that are used to measure happiness with your partner. But after a while, even the greatest sex starts to lose that thrill of newness, that excitement you get when you let a man have you for the first few times. There’s no feeling quite like it. Everything is heightened--your lips, your nipples, your pussy—because it’s all new. The man who is doing this has never done this to you before and the two of you are on that threshold, crossing from being casual contacts; two people who’ve just met, who just a few moments before were sharing drinks and some conversation, to being lovers. That building sexual tension is so exciting, making me feel both wanting and wanton, like there’s nothing more that I need than the attention I’m getting as his mouth and hands explore all of my body, touching me in places that “good” wives only let their hubby’s touch them. It feels so naughty! And then when you reach THE point, that moment when the head of his cock first pushes against, then inside of me… wow! It’s that point of no return: another man’s cock is laying claim to my pussy as he possesses me from the inside out. And at this point all other thoughts and wants go out of my head, replaced by my complete desire to feel my lover’s cock filling me, taking me, making my pussy his and only his...mmm! Add to this that we all know that I’m partnered and pledged to another man and the taboo factor pushes the excitement through the roof. It’s: “Good girls don’t...but I do” combined with: “Oh yeah, I’m fucking another dude’s wife” that makes the sex just, mind-blowing.

Even if that weren’t the case, I find sex hotter when I’m having it with a man I’ve just met. I’m wetter, I’m more responsive and my orgasms are way more intense. So I fuck other guys, a lot—more than 20 men in the past year, and many on more than one occasion. I guess that makes me quite the good lay.

I don’t do this behind my guys back. That would be dishonest, cheating. I wouldn’t do that. I’m simply unfaithful when it comes to sex, a married woman who is very promiscuous, that “bad” girl in high school who had a “reputation” but who everyone begrudgingly envied. John doesn’t mind at all. In fact he accompanies me when I’m giving myself to another man. I wouldn’t have it any other way. Typically a lover and I usually crawl into bed where he undresses me and explores every part of my body, causing me to moan, and pant, and scream out in pleasure. And my John sits to the side and watches, watches while another man uses his hands, mouth and hard dick to explore my mouth, then my tits, and finally my very wanting pussy.

And I’m not timid about it at all. I love taking a man in my mouth and feeling his cock getting hard because of what I’m doing to him. I love when a lover gets so excited he begins to moan and the pre-cum starts dripping out like honey onto my tongue. The taste is so good and I’m not shy about telling him—especially in front of my hubby—how wonderful his cock tastes. And, as I said before, I absolutely LOVE that my guy steps aside and is watching and witnessing when a new lover first pushes his dick inside of my pussy, a pussy that should only be Hubby’s to have. That gets me wild and I can’t help myself from fucking him right back, thrusting my hips forward to make sure his cock gets all the way inside of me, making it clear that I’m a very willing participant; fucking as much as I’m getting fucked, as complicit in the cuckolding of my guy as the man who’s fucking me and telling John: “Your girl’s pussy feels great!” MMM…just writing about it gets me wet!

Then, after my lover and I are done John takes me home to our bed and shows his appreciation by lovingly kissing down my body and telling me how aroused he was to watch me with another man, how lucky he feels to be my cuckold, how he’ll never ask me to stop cuckolding him. By this time I’m practically gushing again. I mean I’ve just rather brazenly fucked--and I do mean FUCKED--another man in front of my husband no less. And now my guy is kissing down my body, his hot mouth getting closer and closer to the place where he saw another man put his dick, toward the part of my body that I just used to cuckold him. By the time John’s tongue reaches my well-fucked pussy to taste what I did I’m primed for another orgasm.

We don’t do the creampie thing for safety reasons but believe me, John can tell how good I got it by how wet and tasty I am. He often tells me how good it is, how he can taste the sex he just saw me have with another man, how he can taste how good I cuckolded him. It’s true, my 40-plus-year-old pussy gets as wet as it did when I was teenager and it only seems to happen when I get fucked by someone other than my man. There’s something about letting another man do to me what only my boy should do that gets me hot as a teenager. Add to this the fact that my actions have made it very clear to both my lover and my guy that I’m quite the slut, willing, wanting and quite good at spreading my legs for a guy with a nice dick and making it quite clear to my loyal guy that he must share my pussy with others and wait his turn. What could be better?

And “loyal” is key for me. Despite my promiscuity I tend to be possessive. I have no interest in sharing John with anyone else. I’ve made this very clear to him and he’s reiterated his promise that I am and will continue to be the only woman for him. That he will never fuck another woman. He also has made it clear that he accepts and welcomes that now that I have tasted the excitement of extra-partner sex, there will be no going back. Even if he asked how could I? It would be like asking me to be celibate after I experienced the joy and excitement of losing my virginity. As John puts it he still holds me to my “I Do”—he just says it means something different than it did when I first said it a year ago!

I know this may sound like it’s an unfair arrangement and I suppose that on some level this is true. But the disparity is part of what makes it hot for both of us. We both love the fact that I’m one up (well, way more than one up) on him as far as sex goes. It makes me feel wanted and appreciated, even worshipped by my guy. And it makes my guy even hotter for me. The combination of jealousy, excitement and sexual surrender to my needs turns him in a way that pays off big dividends for both of us.

There will be no turning back for us now. I plan on cuckolding my wonderful guy until I’m too old to fuck. With any luck that won’t be for a long, loooong time…

1.1 years ago

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    • Great story. I agree with you, there are certain needs that don't get met sexually. The only thing I feel different than you, is both of you should be able to have your needs met. Fetushes are simething beautiful to behold and accept, to use to grow together. If those fetishes aren't met together, they can be shared together and fulfilled separately.

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    • What about stds in the real world psychopaths abusers getting e coli and other gastric infections from Kissing and sucking other people you either grew up on a dumpster to have an extraordinary immune system and physical resilience or your post is a load of crap.

    • How likely do you think it is to get any of those things?

    • If he enjoys it and you are open with one another, why not?

    • Very true statement

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