We're nudist that's 70'ish of age. We use to swing a lot when we was younger. We done various sexual activity just for the fun of it. We go to this nudist camp nearby once in a blue moon hoping to find a little action for us but never happens. We made one last attempt at the resort. We decided not to search anymore and waste our money on the camp fees. It was labor day weekend, we was sipping a cool drink in the pavilion . There we met Sam. He was twenty or so years younger than us. He had a nice package. He was interested in conversing with my wife Lucy. His eyes kept staring at Lucy's dark bush. He admitted he and his ex-wife use to swing and he belongs to a swing club not far from here.
We confessed we was here looking for some action but no luck as usual. "It has been a disappointing weekend for me too! Does age bother you?" he said. "Not if it bothers you." as we smiled at him and invited him to our place. He followed us in his car. I handed him a beer and told him, "Let's get natural." We took our clothes off and sat around nude. Lucy rested her hand on his privates causing it to stiffen up. Mines stiffened up also. Lucy spread open her legs and began to finger her clit making it stiffen. I got up and walked over to Lucy and rubbed my stiff cock over her nipples making them point out. Sam started to suck Lucy's nipples and play with her hairy bush with his fingers. He began to give me a blow job. Lucy went down on him as Sam sucked my cock. She hinted to me to go down on Sam and held my head there. She removed her hands from my head and faced sat Sam. "Oh baby, suck that cock!" as she pressed her wrinkled cunt into Sam's face.
Overall, we never had such a wonderful time in years.

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  • Cos your ugly as fuck

  • If he doesn't want to fuck you, nobody else should either, he knows how miserable at it you are.

  • Me thinks you wanky plankey far too much cheeky boy

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