Some times at the local GoGo bar

My 2nd wife and I started out normal in our relationship, the first few years were mild compared to what the 1st one and I got up to.
There was a dancer bar about 10 miles away in downtown Portland, Oregon. The place was tame back then, the dancers all wore G-strings and pasties, full nudity was not allowed like it is now.
I took the wife in there one day, got her a bit drunk and she ended up in their nightly contest which was mostly the other dancers, seldom anyone from the public.
She stripped down to her underwear, she didn't have any pasties but her bra was rather see through
She won, got $50. There were a couple of other times she didn't win, but it was a kick
We got to know the bartender, he asked us if she wanted to do an after hours show. He told us she could do anything she wanted, there would be a dozen regulars that would stay, they paid $10 each and she would get half plus any tips.
So, she did, by the end of the 2nd song she was nude, she laid down, spread her legs, fingered herself and even let a couple of guys touch her for a few seconds.
She made $110 that night in just six songs.
We became regulars doing that some nights there would be 20 guys in there.
That was great fun for about a year, one night the bartender went back into the dressing room, she gave him a hand job. That became a weekly thing, until the club got busted, we were lucky she wasn't there.

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  • I’ve been wanting to do this. My wife and I go to the strip clubs and she likes getting lap dances and watching me get lap dances. The strippers always make out with her and pull out her tits. Of course my wife always dresses with easy access clothes when we go, she’s a woman and is in competition with other women. It’s so hot when my wife is receiving a lap dance with her tits out and the stripper’s tits against hers. Anyone can look over and see their tits and then making out, and of course all the guys in the club are watching. I’ve told her to try dancing, she’s working up the nerve. I’d like for her to strip, give lap dances, do extras, and come home with money.

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