Not sure what could have happened

In between wife number two and wife number three I dated quite a bit. There was this one redhead named Sara that I really liked, she was one hottie in the sack and had as close to zero modesty as any woman I ever knew.
First time I saw her she was on a stage in Portland, Oregon, this back in the days of G-strings and pasties and she was doing beaver shots for a $1 tip.
That was cool, I went through quite a few dollar bills.
Next time I saw her was at Rooster Rock, a well know nude beach and she was naked as a jaybird, but then, so was I.
We got to talking, she asked me if I wanted to go out into the woods a bit farther East and fuck.
I did, we did.
It all got to a point where I was thinking we were an item, since we were together more than apart.
One evening at a party I lost track of her, went looking, found her on top of this guy named Conner that I sort of knew, screwing him while a half dozen guys stood around waiting there turn. Conner was a skinny little guy, black as the ace of spades. That part didn't bother me as much as when he was done some other guy I didn't know took his place.
Needless to say, I didn't marry that one, a guy needs to have at least some control of the situations.

4 months ago

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