College GF

When we were Freshmen in college I dated a girl that would five years later become my wife. We dated for about a month but she wouldn't let me get past third base, meaning no fucking. I decided that I didn't want to spend time with a girl that didn't fuck so we broke up. During the next three years of college we continued being friends while both dating other people. During the spring semester of senior year we got back together and the sex was fantastic.
After college we moved in together and then we were married. My wife asked me how many girls that I had sex with and I told her that if she wanted to know that she would have to tell me how many guys had fucked her. She then told me that she had sex with 14 guys and I told her that I had fucked six girls. I thought that I had a reasonable number of sexual partners and was surprised that my wife had more than twice as many.
She told me that all of guys that fucked her before me made her a better lover. I agreed.

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  • Going through stuff in our junk room I come across a beer box filled with pictures of Cindy my wife. Half of them she's naked or topless. They are mostly 35mm Kodacrome and box camera. Most are PG13 or R. Cindy, WTF? I guess I didn't tell you about those, but I modeled for the art dept in college. It paid well and the models would take ownership of all the pictures 30 days after the assignment. Did some guys make copies? She said probably but they could be sued by me and the school if the use them nefariously. Some are outdoors in a public place. She said it was on campus, sure some guys watched. In the spring her and her sorority sisters would sun themselves naked on their semi private lawn. Shocked but who wouldn't want naked pictures of your hot 50 year old wife when she was 19?

  • My husband does not fuck me. I am looking for sex chat. Chat with me now:

  • I was with a chick in college that had just been fucked by my buddy in his room. I guess she hadn't had enough yet. Back in her dorm, it was so hot as I kissed my way down her body as she lied to me. As I was kissing her breasts and licking my way down her stomach, I asked if she was sure she didn't have sex with Kelly? As she spread her legs wider giving me access to continue licking my way down she told me all they did in his room was talk. One lick and I knew she lied to me. Knowing this slut had just been fucked and now wanted me to lick her pussy was one of the hottest experiences of my life.

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